New addition to destroyed stone walls

So, we’ve been on both sides of this history:

1- We build our stone walls, then they’re quickly destroyed, then we’ve put a lot of effort for nothing

2- We get our 28 bombards, wreck an opponent’s stone wall, only to see it instantly rebuilt. We shoot at it, destroy it, and it’s up again. And we shoot it while being contructed and as they go down they go up again.

In the first case, it feels that stone walls aren’t really holding, but we know that if they get any tankier the meta will move into trench warfare. In the second case, we get frustrated because we can’t get through even when we have a lot of siege, and if we don’t have something that can shoot over walls (like a knight-xbow comp) we pretty much can’t get through this type of situation.

Solution: Add stone rubble when a wall is destroyed. It takes place where the wall got busted, it must be cleared by villagers or even normal attacks, and it slows down any unit moving through it. It helps with both situations pointed above, because 1- even when the wall is on the ground, we still have a few seconds to spare before the gates of hell are open into our farming eco and; 2- the opponent can’t build walls while under heavy bombard fire.

Now the exact numbers of this rubble is something else, and up for balance, but it must not block any type of attack. It makes the person with momentum able to move on, and it stills add some resemblance of a defense in the case we have manned walls and a defense force behind the created choke point.

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I’m sorry what? Stone walls were pretty nerfed. And if I’m taking a wall down is because I have my troops ready to get in.

Also, try trebuchets.

Those two problems aren’t solved yet.

If you feel stone walls are good now, make it gooder

Before the Bombard, the wall will still be a hindrance to the enemy, even if the enemy uses Ram or Trebuchet to attack the wall, the wall can still buy you some time.

Although I had hoped that the devs would bring the zone system back into the game: there would be additional rewards for resource gathering in areas surrounded by walls. This would allow the walls to become more strategic structures. But so far, the walls are doing well.