New Age Of Empires IV

hello, could I join a group of ideas?
my opinion on the new game

It will be nice to have an improved Age 3 remake.
there is a mod of age of empires 3 that is called war of liberty, adds 30 new countries has new continents, south america, africa, new asia. age 4 add war of liberty in new age4, following historical line age3 Napoleon β€”> war of liberty β€”> ww1.

ramake style age of empires 2 mods menu and game.
rameker countries age of empires 3: spain, british, france, germany, Dutch Ottomans, Portuguese, Russians, Aztec, Iroquois, Sioux, Chinese, Indian, Japanese

add new countries: Greeks, Romanians, Egyptians, Danes, Tupi, Mapuche, Maltese, Ethiopians, Zulu, Chileans, Swedes, Canadians, Romanians, Italians, Habsburgs, Paraguayans, Mexicans, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Zulu, Koreans, Australians, Colombians, Argentines, Brazil, Peruvians and more Great empires, great historical battle.

add: new age: great war
add: new revolution
ramake mods game: age of empires 2
add new mods game : rush, treated 40min, treated Nr60. 4 team, 2vs2vs2vs2, for FFA, AI create walls, New AI.
add: independent soldiers for each nation.
deck systems β€”> remake age3 or new.

sea Ò€‹Ò€‹war age of empires 3 is good.

night maps, maps day.

maps around the world.

age4 equal historical line (War of liberty)

(sorry my english I use google translate)

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