New AoE Anthology Steam Bundle

So there is a new bundle on Steam called the Age of Empires Anthology Bundle, which includes all AoE DE games, their expansions, and AoE4 Digital Deluxe edition, all with a 15% discount. The way steam works, if you already have other parts of a bundle, you get whatever you haven’t bought for that same discount.

For example, in my case, I own every piece of this bundle on steam already, all DE games and all expansions. I also pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition of AoE4 after playing the beta. However, this means that because I pre-ordered, I have to pay more than if I had waited a couple weeks. I could’ve got AoE4 deluxe for 15% off. It just doesn’t seem fair that becuase I am such a big AoE fan and pre-ordered the game early (which I assume is what Microsoft wants), I get punished by paying more.

Yes, I know you could say “Well don’t pre-order then, that’s stupid!”. Sure. But I basically NEVER pre-order games. I only pre-ordered because Age of Empires is one of my all time favourite franchises. Just sucks that the ONE time I do, because I wanted to support one of my favourite series, I get burned.

Anyone else in the same situation and disappointed in this?


Just cancel your pre-order and then buy the anthology bundle.


But how would that work, since they included the AoE2 DotD expansion, which I’ve already received? And they’ve already taken my payment?

Just cancel the pre-order, and do it with the Anthology pack. Pretty easy to do on Steam.

I find it dirty to include only the Digital “”“Deluxe”"" Edition for the pack, tho, since is outrageously expensive for what it includes. The Anthology discount is ridiculous when compared to the overpricing (20 extra bucks for the soundtrack and a couple digital thingies… really?)


If you cancel the pre-order for Age of Empires IV you will receive a refund and Age of Empires II: DE Dawn of the Dukes will be removed from your account. Then, when you purchase the Age of Empires Anthology you’ll receive the same 15% off discount but won’t receive Age of Empires II: DE Dawn of the Dukes for free.

I agree. It should only be $10 extra.

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Hmm ok, thanks. I’ll give it a try. The 15% discount should still make it cheaper even with having to pay for the DotD expansion. Should save me about $10AUD in the end. Hopefully my refund request gets approved.

A 15% discount for the base game without resorting to a game pack would be the best …

Wait I just saw the the Anthology bundle says this down the bottom:

**Includes entitlement to Age of Empires II: DE - Dawn of the Dukes expansion as a pre-order bonus for Age of Empires IV

So you don’t have to pay for the expansion! That’s nice. So I should save nearly $20AUD in the end, as long as I can refund my preorder and purchase the bundle.

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exact same situation

Question is,

Will I lose all the progress in the Dawn of the Dukes campaigns because of the refund?

What a goofy bundle. How many people won’t have any (or maybe one) of the games and will want to start out by buying EVERYTHING.

I wish they’d just lower the price to $49 on pre-order until the release date. That’s what pretty much EVERYONE ELSE does.


In my opinion, it is a scandal to add AoE 4 in the Deluxe Edition version to this package - why should I pay extra for the content that does not interest me when I want to buy this package.


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I would also like to add that the prices have still not been adjusted to the domestic markets. I hope the creators will take the time to analyze earnings in the countries concerned.

I also hope that they will add a second Anthology package with the AoE 4 standard version - they can call the first gold, the second silver, etc.

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