New aoe2 cheat which allows you to spoof any player and force resign people

I played an arabia teamgame and someone linked this video in chat: How To Play As The Viper on Aoe2 DE - YouTube I thought this is very bad for the game and it should certainly be fixed. This is unacceptable that such a thing exists in the game and the devs should certainly address this.


Totally agree, permanent ban, or better yet, legal action taken against people. If only jail time could be dished out for something like this. Any form of cheating needs to be swiftly and brutally punished. It’s important to make an example out of cheaters, to preserve the sanctity of the community. I’m a hardliner when it comes to this, as you can probably tell.

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Eh, I think that would be going a little far. Maybe legal action (in the form of a fine or something?) could be taken against people providing the cheats, while permanent bans just dished to those who use them (including providers). However, if family sharing allows you to circumvent those, maybe it’s possible to ban the entire family share as well?


geilo meilo thank you

The most important thing is that the devs still havent fixed the issues present in the video. Its been weeks I seriously doubt they are even trying to fix this

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In regards to legal action? What would be the crime? You have to have committed a crime to be arrested and jailed.


Doing hacks is one thing, but going ahead and impersonating a 2k player that shamefully is truly ridiculous.

Well, it’s identity theft for one I’d say, pretending to be a top level player when you aren’t. Then I imagine it’s breaking terms and conditions, considering cheating isn’t endorsed or appreciated by devs. And I just want to make an example out of people, so I’m happy if they get punished severely.

Identity theft? LOL I think we both agree that these cheats are bad… But claiming this is identity theft is just plain ridiculous


agreed, this is certainly a negative thing and it must be fixed asap

What do you mean with this comment?