New AoE4 DLC format concept

Hello AoE4 Friends,

Probably You noticed, that AoE2 received new DLC with solely SP content (formely free scenarios from workshop), which received badly rating…

This leaded me to think, what DLC format do “we” want in AoE4, of course everybody wants as much as possible, but lets be realistic…

I think that AoE4 desperately needs more SP content (campaign, historical missions), but solely SP content (mission pack) would not work, same with solely MP content (new civs only) is wrong idea,

I would go with 1-2 new civ with an own campaign, In The Sultans Ascend, we have new Japanise and Byzantines civ, but not Japanise & Byzantine campaign…

Lets say we have “Khmer Empire DLC” - this would contain
1/ new Khmer Empire civ
2/ own “Khmer Empire” campaign - this is important it should be Khmer, not something else, so player can try and learn new civ in campaign
3/ own Khmer art of War mission (like Ottoman or Malian)

Other stuff like new regional biome and fauna, I would make free for all ovners

So this is my suggestion


The Sultans Ascend was the formula for success.

2 New Civs, 4 Variants and SP content.

PS: we need American civs


First, let me clarify that since I think the Oda topic should be focused on the concept of Oda, I transfer my response to this topic, which appropriately talks about the DLC.

Well, in general I think that new civ, and possibly civ variants, will be for any new DLC.

If we are tentative with the dates, so far every 3 seasons there have been new civs (Season 3: Ottomans+Mali, Season 6: Sultand Ascend 6 civs). Therefore, in theory the new DLC, “Perhaps” will come out in November or October with the theoretical “Season 9” although well, I’m being optimistic.

On the other hand, one might wonder if because it is new DLC, it will have civ variants, I would say “DEPENDS”.

The variant civs so far have been created for 3 reasons:

  • 1).- New Ideas.- To test new ideas and game forms using “Historical Variants” of civilizations that have already been released (Order of the Dragon is Protoss in AoE IV, Ayuubid Cassino, JoanDArc is Dota )

  • 2).- Beta Concepts.- To take advantage of ideas of unique units, mechanics and landmarks that could not be used in the final CIV model, but that deserved to be in the game as an extra version of it ( Zhu Xi Legacy is China 2, taking advantage of the Shaolin Monks, Imperial Guard, Yuan Rider and new Landmarks)

  • 3).- Recycled Content.- Take advantage of the content of extra units from the campaigns, although in theory it could also be used for new non-variant civs (Genoese appear in the campaign, Crusader States or Outremer could also be considered).

Taking that into consideration, the only new civs that I think could come out of the current Sultan Ascend content would be “Genova”, “Outremer” and “Teutonic Order”, but they would not be variants.

The civs that do not yet have a variant are: English, Rus, Mongols, Ottomans, Delhi Sultanate, Mali, Japanese, Byzantines.

If we consider possible variants for them, I would say:

  • English → Tudor
  • Rus → Cossacs
  • Mongols → Golden Horde
  • Ottomans → Selyuqs
  • Delhi Sultanate → Deccan Sultanates, or even Mughals
  • Mali → Songhay
  • Japanese → No idea (Issho Ikki? Wukou Pirates? Date Masamune? hehe)
  • Byzantines → Romans (I even make a concept of this, but first I’m going to release another, hehe)

I find it difficult for Tudor for now because they would be English+Mercenaries and there are still no Italians or Spain. Cossacks are feasible, Golden Horde too, for Selyuq the “Turkish Horse Archer” already exists, good. Deccan I still don’t have a clear concept of how to make them different from their parent civ. Songay focused on cavalry, Japanese i have no consisten idea for variant civ, except a civ of buffed Ronins and Wukou Pirates as the OftD, hehe. Romans is my most ambitious concept idea so far, but well, “It would be very complex” in fact I will explain that when I release it (it would have like 21 unique units).

Be that as it may, some variant civs, like their counterparts, could still "IMPROVE" as the game progresses:

  • Joan DArc could have a third build as Support Healer carryng a Flag.
  • Ayyubid could have more Ayyubid elements ( Lets make the Ayyubids more representative of Saladin and his legacy)
  • Order of the Dragon could have more elements from the countries that composed it
  • Zhu Xi I think is fine, although they could change his battering ram for a flamethrower (like in AoE3) and have flying crows instead of bombards.
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A new campaign about the Spanish empire and as a new civilization would be very nice. I think that once they bring the Spaniards, they will open the door to the entry of new Amerindian civilizations.


Thanks for tagging my post on the Ayyubids, Id really like it to get more attention, I feel like the civ design for the variants could improve alot

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Yes, it was success, but in my opinion - it was first and only addon and it played a big role.

I like The Sultans Ascend, but it adds Japanese and Byzantine civs without own campaign.

The Sultan Ascend campaign is played by own version of Abbasids civ, neither Abbasids or Ayyubids

For future DLC, I want new civ with own campaign, that is important point

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