New AOMDE or AOM2 Will be announced soon

“Jez Corden and Jeff Grubb could be teasing the return of Age of Mythology : r/GamingLeaksAndRumours”

Finally. I wanna play this game again with the same beautiful graphic of AOE3DE


Hopefully, AoM DE is coming :pray:

Definitive Editions of AoEs are fantastic, but here I think it would be better to go for a sequel.
Extended Edition exists, and no matter how much textures will be upscaled, models improved, animations smoothed it’s still a 2002 game.
Yes, AoE1 was a '97 game, but at some point, people would love to see the genre move forward, and by now with all DEs people owning these IPs showed enough of their dedication.

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I’m for a AOM DE with additional civs DLCs.


totally agree with your perspective/opinion. there has to be something till october this year.