New app to coach you during your games

I just released an app to coach you during your games. As you play a game, it will periodically remind you to produce villagers, scout, refresh your lumber camps, pick up relics etc. It will also advise you based on the map and opponents you are facing.

You can check out this video demo.

It is available on Android, iOS and Web. The links are in the description of the video.

In the future, I will make it so that anyone can publish strategies.

For now, feel free to suggest strategies for common maps, opponent civilizations with timings etc in this thread. I will add them manually to the app.


looks good, i will try it

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I love the passion behind this project, learning that in the future we could customize it more should make it really useful.

Great stuff!

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Have fun. Let me now what worked and what didn’t!

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