New arabia vs serenguetti - Design mistake?

I was wondering what will happen to arabia and serenguetti. I am by no means a pro player but my general impresion was that arabia was a balanced “open” map, and serenguetti was an open version of arabia.
With the recent changes the only difference I can spot between these two is that the new arabia can really mess with on player by giving him a forward gold under a hill and the other one a backgold. Serenguetti fells just like the new arabia, but far more balanced.
So my question is, why would you desing an “open arabia” map, to then mess with arabia and make it an unbalanced mess? Why not promote the play of serenguetti instead? The entire reason arabia was popular is because it was balanced, now it feels like a ■■■■■■ serenguetti.
Why not release different maps instead of redesigning the good ones? Could you please release “old arabia” map?


actually the old arabia was a redesign alrady… the current arabia is more close to the original arabia and less boring, the problem is not arabia but serengetti which is used to be more open as well and especially with more hills just check old serengeti from voobly.


Because arabia is supposed to be an open map, contrary to what it was before. Sergenti isn’t just a more open version of arabia, it’s a map where there is awkward woodlines, unwallable and cracked terrain, different ressource distribution. It can be fun but it doesn’t have the structured to allow for as much variety as arabia. This is also the reason why the former DE arabia has been changed. It wasn’t balanced in the sense that it heavily favored some strategies (walling, archers) while disfavoring others (scouts). The idea of arabia is to have a map where a broad range of strategies can work - with a focus on early aggression.

As the several past months have shown people want to play an arabia where walling is an option but still some sort of risky committment which is the case with the updated arabia. You totally can wall, it’s just not that easy and you usually need some military. Also this arabia is kind of the balance between two extremes such as the hyper aggressive kotd arabia and the semi-closed pre-patch arabia.

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Old arabia was more open than the one currently in the ranked queue. Arabia has always been an open map that favored feudal aggression and it’s way more balanced when is open like that.

It is still balanced, but you have to play in feudal instead of skipping it and going straight for castle.
The arabia we had in queue was drush-fc or straight fc every game.

Serengeti is a completely diffent map from the actual arabia and it’s still way more open thanks to its tree line.

Old DE arabia was s h i t arabia. New DE is better Arabia.

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