New Architecture Set for Huns and Mongols?

Yes, the Mongols conquered China and the Chinese Yuan Dynasty was founded by Kublai Khan, which explains the Mongol’s East Asian architecture. It seems like they were too focused on the Yuan Dynasty East Asian architecture that the other architecture was ignored.

The Chagatai Khanate, the Ilkhanate and Golden Horde were also founded by the Mongols. At first, I would give the Mongols the Central Asian set (reflect Chagatai or the Ilkhanate), however, a more sensible idea is to give them a new building set to match their nomadic personality.

Their based in Central or Eastern Europe doesn’t reflect their nomadic status, as they came from Asia! So they should use a new architecture set too.

Speaking about new architectural set, the Mongols and Huns’ architecture set could all be tent-based, considering their nomadic status. Their current architecture (East Asian for Mongols and Central Europe for Huns) makes them too centralized.


Disagree with Mongols getting Central Asian Architecture, as Tatars who are more befitting already get it. imo Mongols with East Asian architecture is fine for now, but both civs getting a more nomadic set would be pretty neat.

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I don’t think why it’s a problem for the Mongols to be more inspired by the Yuan Dynasty, that’s where their empire was ruled from after all (at least in theory, in practice each part was quite autonomous).
Huns and Cumans should probably share a Nomadic architecture set, but I don’t think it should include the Mongols. At best, they should get a separate Eastern Nomads architecture set (which they could share with Jurchens, Tanguts and/or Khitans if they end up being added to the game).


There is a tent-based nomadic set right there in AOE4! We need that in AOE2DE.

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The Mongols should keep the architecture they have, as it more closely resembles buildings they built in their capital city and during the Yuan Dynasty.

Unpopular opinion the current buildings are perfectly fine as it is.If anyone wants to change them for scenarios the option is already ingame.


The Asian set is actually a Japanese set, not a Chinese one. Which should have been the central theme. Anyone suggesting otherwise is uninformed.

I know it’s Japanese. But it’s still close enough that it’s more accurate for the Mongols to stay the same. At least the Imperial Age is Chinese-inspired.

I’m generally not a fan of new architecture sets. I like them, but I feel the game has enough as it is. It doesn’t really enhance the gameplay, it’s just eye candy.

I don’t like the set the huns have right now, but if it’s a choice between adding another set and letting the huns stay with Central European, I’d have huns stay with central european.

HD Nomad Architecture Collection MOD


Despite my earlier assertions that the game doesn’t NEED more architecture sets, which I still maintain,…man I’m digging this set.

Some things are a little hard to read, could use a little polishing, but yeah I really like this concept.

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I would kill for Mongols, Huns & Cumans to get this.

I’ve once made a modified version of the Omar’s set

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