New archon mode

In this mode, every two players will be a team, playing the role of a prime minister and a general respectively.
Duties of prime minister:
Mainly to develop the economy and build all types of buildings, and also to choose whether to send troops or not, the control of the troops will be assigned to the generals.
Duties of generals:
Mainly responsible for the initial vision scouting and leading troops into battle, or you can choose to go into battle yourself, which requires the prime minister to send tribute to resources.
Other features:
1、2v1, players can cooperate to challenge a single player of superior strength.
2, control conversion: after opening “Single civilization”, siege , military buildings, monks, etc. will be able to change the control of belonging to
3、Support nomad mode, you can delete villager to respawn within 30 seconds of opening the game
4、Support regicide mode
5、You can send tribute at the beginning of the game, no restrictions, and no taxes