New art of war challenge - Unit counters

I really like the Art Of War challenges, also the new one added in the recent patch is great. Only things I would wish for from the devs:

  • would it be possible to make the whole cut-scenes / waiting sequences skippable or faster?

It makes fun the grind the challenge through, but the long waits between the tasks makes it very frustrating when I have to start over because I messed up the last one. I am ok with repeating everything, just the unnecessary waiting makes me think twice if I want to start over.


I appreciate the new Art of War challenges. Armored units was the big missing part of previous one. However, I would tell there could be one concentrated more on feudal, I mean: how to deal with Feudal armored units with feudal army, for example as Delhi vs English or HRE m@a.

Second thing I would love to see in is Art of War dedicated to unique units, especially for this which don`t simply replace standard versions (like longbowman or palace guard) but this more unique (horse archer, camels, elephants, dynasty units).

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