New bonus? Allow TC techs to be researched at the market

This way you can still produce villagers and get your tech upgrades from the TC at the same time. You would still be able to research them at the TC if you didn’t build a market.


Dunno, which civ?

That civ shouldn’t have a TC bonus or anything

It would fit with the Saracens market theme.

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Saracens are already a good civ, they don’t need this kind of eco buff

According to aoestats they have the 5th worst win rate.

It could be used for any civ though that is struggling.

Sounds like good buff for Portos :wink:


IDK, doesn’t seem huge to me

But then again, maybe I’m wrong

Loom has researching time 25s
Weelbarrow 75s
Hand Cart 55s
Vill is creating in 25s
The most impactfull will be weelbarrow, its time to recriut 3 vills, mean also you can take this before enemy, because you dont idle your TC for this. You even can research this in the same time you go up to Castle, so your Eco will be stronger before you start booming.
It will be even possible to skip loom and have another additional Vill and make it later in Market, but this can be risky.

You research Wheelbarrow at 60 pop mostly because of the cost effectiveness, not just time

But civ with this bonus can experiment with other build. Even then this still mean you will be 3 vils ahead.

I proposed that Portuguese UTs can be researched in the university, but also this one is cool

There’s also town watch and town patrol.

Many players dont even make those, so I dont include them.

I would argue for town watch. At least from watching pro players stream.

Saracens would be good. The civ has quite low Eco bonus.
And if somebody wants to say Saracens are solid civ. That’s a stupid joke. They even have a low win rate. I like their units but the high costs and no Eco bonus does not make them strong in 1v1 games.

60 pop for wheelbarrow ? I assume you mean 60 vils, in which case that’s way way too late on most builds, outside of like 4 TC boom or niche strategies.

You want wheelbarrow when you have 12-14 farmers, which on most builds will be well before 60 vils.


Indeed. I think for most builds, wheelbarrow should be researched as soon as you possibly can when reaching castle age. Some builds with a longer feudal age can also research it during feudal age.

So I guess that bonus would be quite good, even if it was only for wheelbarrow. Spares you a lot of TC idle time.
The downside is that this bonus works if you get a market decently fast, which isn’t the case for a lot of builds, even though they could be adjusted to make use of the bonus. For Saracens that would be very strong considering the market is cheap you can build is right away at feudal.