New BUG in Chinese town center?

I noticed that the Imperial Official can no longer unload taxes in the newly built town center, is this a new BUG or a new change? But the update announcement did not mention it.
Patch 11963
Please give me an answer, thank you.

Some1 already posted about this bug I think.

Thank you, I found it

I was playing around with China after the patch, and found that I could no longer drop off taxes at secondary TC’s (TC’s built in addition to the main, landmark TC). I confirmed this in testing, that while Imperial Officials can drop off taxes at the landmark TC and the Imperial Academy, it is no longer possible to do so at secondary TC’s. This remained true when I turned auto-collect off and told them to manually deposit taxes at the secondary TC. I presume this change is related to the recent patch. While this is a relatively low impact bug, since usually secondary TC’s are built close to the main TC anyway, I would ask for the devs to address in in their next patch.

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Thank you @u60cf28! We’re looking into it. Appreciate the report!

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