New campaign idea, "First Crusade" aka Godfrey of Bouillion

Name:- Godfrey of Bouillion
Scenarios: - 6

  1. Siege of Nicaea
    Conquer the City; Don’t destroy any civilian buildings; Wait for Byzantine Reinforcements
  2. Battle at Dorylaeum
    Sustain the Onslaught; Save Bohemond; Wait for reinforcement; Final Charge
  3. Lance in Antioch
    Besieged; Surviving the Winter; Lake Battle; Spring Offensive; The Capture
  4. Horrors of Ma’arra
    Foraging for food; Taunted; Maneuvorers; Slaughter!
  5. Jerusalem Awaits
    First Assault; The Navy Arrives; Siege Preparations; Scaling the Walls
  6. Cleansing Ascalon
    The News; True Cross Trek; Surprising the Egyptians; Culmination

Location: -
Anatolia, Levant

Civilizations|-------------------Factions in Campaign: -
|Celts|-------------------Adhemar of LuPuy|Raymond IV|Peter the Hermit|
|Franks|-------------------Baldwin I|Godfrey|Stephen of Blois|
|Byzantines|-------------------Alexios|Manuel Boutoumites|Tatiikios|
|Burgundians|-------------------Robert Count of Flanders||Hugh of Vermandois|
|Italians|-------------------Guglielmo Embriaco|Genoese Navy||
|Britons|-------------------Robert II of Normandy|English Fleet|Robert Curhthrose|
|Turks|-------------------Kilji Arslan|Kerbogha|Yaghi-Siyan
|Ethiopians|-------------------Iftikhar ad-Daula|||
|Saracens|-------------------Al-Afdal Shahanshah|Duqaq|Fakhr al-Mulk Radwan|
|Persians|-------------------Gazi Gümüshtigin|||

I know Franks have Joan of Arc, but couldn’t find any other hero to be as iconic. On top of that, most other civs here already have a campaign.


If any technically proficient modder can make this, I would be eternally grateful!

Man,make it yourself please, I believe you can do it.

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To be honest no one really wants to do other peoples work for free.

Gazi Gümüştigin is %100 Turkic leader he is not persian dude (just want to corect you :wink:

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