New Capture Age feature? Enemy chat?

So I occasionally use capture age free version to watch my games (mainly to see if my raiding had any impact).

I noticed in a team game last night that I could see all the enemy teams chat. Chat that when I tabbed into the game itself I couldn’t see.

Is this a new feature? Or have I just never noticed before.

Does this mean that all the recorded games have always had that info but it’s just been hidden before?

It was really odd but useful because I could see the moment when they changed from feeling like they were winning to when they were shouting at eachtother for being ‘noobs’

Wait, were you watching the rec after? You have always been able to see the chat there.

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Yes watching recorded game. Never noticed being able to see any chat that I couldn’t see in game before. Like you can’t see it in the recorded game watching in aoe2 itself, but I can see it in capture age.

I think if you’ve watched the rec where you have played (not spectated), you would only be able to see your own team’s chat.

But I think recently there was an update that allowed you to see everyone’s chat while watching a recording, CaptureAge or not. You probably just missed it in game, maybe? Tabbing into the game should have you see the chat as well.

I spectate regularly and the chat is seen both in game and in CaptureAge (free version). When I watch my played games’ recordings back, I can see the in game chat from enemies with both too.