New civ ability: animals don’t rot

It’s not a huge boost but it would be nice to have 100% efficiency on your starting food. This would let you focus on other aspects of the early game such as scouting or attacking. You could put all your sheep under the TC and not have to micro your villagers. Also don’t have to micro the villagers on deer either. Obviously this would be more beneficial for weaker players who don’t have the apm to do everything all at once effectively but still be useful for strong players since there is still rot.


This is very useful for hunting those sly deers.

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yeah its pretty unique… how would i be defined though? the animal doesnt rot so long as “new civ” killed it? or so long as “new civ” harvests from it?

as you say not a big buff but would help more on certain maps and is certainly unique…

If your villagers kill it then it doesn’t rot. If another civ’s villagers kill it then it does.

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It is like tatars. If tatars kill animal, it was a fat animal. In this case, the animal would have a preservant

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Wouldn’t be very useful for laming :rofl:

how about instead of having that to define it
at least one of your vils has to be collecting from it
that way you can’t kill your enemy’s boar, leave it there, and mill it later

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Nice idea, a small bonus that can give a bit more food.

unless you always collect with one vill, than it gives so much

not a good idea, unless it is purposely made to counter boar and sheep stealing or to counter celts taking sheep in general.

if I have this bonus, I’d would render celts’ bonus by simply killing all my sheeps, lure boar and kill it under TC, and push deer under TC kill them and do other things. imo it takes away a lot of micro comes to collecting food early game and lower skill cap, I’d not welcome it.

Yes the maximum food is always the same, and for sheep and boars it’s a little gain (though, in dark6age every bit of food helps) but for deers it would give you a lot of flexibility.

Again, it’s not powerful alone, but it wouldn’t hurt on the weakest civs that need only small buffs.

Tbh it sounds like the Tatar/Mayan bonuses but worse.

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Frankly from what I recall math wise it wouldn’t even save you that much food if your optimally harvesting. SoTL did a video on how much food is harvested, id have to check

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It’s 11 free food from each sheep if I’m not mistaken, but I don’t know the numbers of deer, boars, elephants and cows.

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It sounds super weak for a bonus then.


It’s about 150 free food which is cool as a second/minor economy bonus.

Maybe, unless somone pulls out a next-level 200 IQ strat and minimizes the number of villagers needed to harvest from sheep 11

Lithuanians start with extra food directly.
This sheep bonus is user friendly, which is good for new players, and not broken. It could be complemented by another bonus, like mills, monasteries, universities and markets brings extra population. You could start with a mill next to berries, send the sheep there and task the villagers to collect food from the sheep and forget.

It could be a team bonus, so that everyone get a bit more food on the dark age.


Interesting team bonus with brits and tatars in your team…