New civ concept: The Muisca

This is my idea for a Muisca civilization:

Infantry and Monk civilization

Civilization bonuses:

  • Recieve +125/250/375 food at feudal/castle/imperial age (idea from @TungstenBoar)
    (They had great food production using farms.)

  • Miners works 5% faster . (A lot of production of salt, gold, copper and emerald from mines on Muisca territory, cradle of El Dorado legend)

  • (Infantry bonus to determine)

  • Monks are trained 10% faster (Lots of jeques, the muisca priests, on the muisca temples, which were a lot on all their territory.)

Unique unit:

  • GĂĽeche, (Cost: X) (Cheap and easy to mass spearmen. Low armor, strong attack. Weak vs all archers and swordmen, strong against cav.)

Unique techs:

  • Jeques (Cost X): Monks convert faster and have more convert range
  • El Dorado, (Cost: X) (True one, Mayans tech name would be replaced): Eagle Warriors cost -30% gold.

Wonder: Temple of Sun (Sua):

Tech Tree:
Missing all cav related techs

Barracks: All techs
Archery Range: No fingerprint, No Parthian Tactics, No Cav archer.
Siege Workshop: No Onager, No Heavy Scorpion, No Bombard Cannon
Blacksmith: No cav upgrades.
Monastery: No heresy
Dock: (I was thinking to add a War cannoe replacing Galley line, but im not sure)
No Galleon, No Hvy Demo Ship, no BBC, no Gillnets, no Carnage.
University: No Guard tower, No Treadmill Crane, No Architecture, No Heated shots, No stone walls.
Economic: No Two-man Saw
Market: No Guilds
TC: No Town Patrol, No Hand Cart

The idea is to make an terrible defense civ, that can focus on boom to create an powerful army of Jeques and Infantry to destroy enemies.

Hope you like it and help me to make it better.
It’s still on production, all replies and suggestions are welcomed

With good wishes for all: Zero17893


So… two good food bonuses, an incredible gold bonus, multiple stacking monk buffs for essentially an unbeatable defense in at least the first half of castle age and an in itself pretty great armor bonus to the military that might be acceptable without all the other OP’ness because it’s applied to infantry, which then goes straight back into not acceptable territory by stacking it with a unique tech that gives a huge eagle discount?

I feel like most of these bonuises need to go completely or be nerfed into unrercognizability before the civ comes near being balanced.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh,

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what nerfs do you suggest?
PD: Im a bit noob in matters of balance and all of these. All the help is useful

i just nerf it. 11 (20 chars)

Those bonuses are already taken anyway, so finding something else/doing them differently would be better. I suppose you could give them a unique farm type or something?

good idea. will try. (20 characters)

Slavs and also OP

Its a worse Malian bonus

Malians and also OP

Too weird and from the explanation you use it sounds pretty OP

Ridiculously OP with better than FU eagles, still possibly Op without it

Let me propose you balanced and sorta unique alternatives for all of this.

Miners work 10% faster
Recieve +125/250/375 food at feudal/castle/imperial age
Monks replaced with Jeques or just a random monk bonus could also work


Federation - All units +5 hit points
El Dorado - Eagles cost 30% less gold

ANd I maybe still made it too good for an eagle civ

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This civ would be unbeatable

And this bonus cannot stay as it is. Way too OP with eagles

what do you suggest for this bonus? Something balanced, but not that weak.

Better, I see the extra gold went from 100% to 15%, for example.

But since you asked for my advice:

I would stick to one economy bonus. Without accounting for what has already been taken faster working farmers sounded best in the general sense, but if you’re focusing on monks and eagles a gold bonus might be the most appropriate.

I would drop the new monk unit completely, or design one that has some benefit, not all benefits. “Jeques” sounds like a good name for a castle age unique tech that improves the monks in some way, maybe more conversion range, faster healing or some kind of biggish creative power. Although the Sacrifices tech is actually pretty good too. I’d have to see if it becomes OP with pro micro, but I don’t think it would. Maybe a version of that could even be a straight up civ bonus?

I don’t mind cheaper or better eagles, but certainly not a lot cheaper in combination with +3/+3 armor. +2/+2 is better, but still feels too strong to combine with a discount.

I feel like you might get some dirty looks for calling dibs on an established civ’s unique tech’s name.

As a general thing: you can’t always compensate one good aspect of a civ with other bad aspects. Bad docks? Just don’t pick the civ on water maps. Bad towers? Don’t use towers, defend with monks and with units you pay out of your superior eco.

I had not seen the “no walls” when I made my previous comment. None at all? Not even palisades? That might be overdoing it. It feels like you’re shooting for an even more asymmetrical design than even the very newschool civs. I would let them have some sort of walls.

I don’t know enough of the real life civ to comment on accuracy, but… if I were going to comment on it I might remark that a castle age gunpowder unit because the civ eventually used firearms when they were already common in Europe might sound a tad weird.

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ofc they get palisades, like cumans and goths

I have done something similar with a civ without eagles (blacksmith techs double effect but missing the last armour), but if I had to say either remove it and make the strength of the civ come from the economic advantages and the current UTs or instead make it affect only spearmen and/or swordmen


Even missing all imperial age techs there, armor and attack, feels like an interesting but powerful bonus. Both attack and melee armor end up 1 bigger than generic, but you also reach this level in earlyish castle rather than in imperial.

Âżsomething like this?
also changed GĂĽeches concept, but made them get HC

Edit: I don’t see them that OP now. But the sufficent powerful to be a viable option of monk rush. Also the infantry bonus would cover their weakness vs LC

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Yeah, something like that. Assuming the values are reasonable.

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thinking about the infantry bonus what could be? all of them was taken

Strongest candidate for new civ from Americas!

ChimĂş, Muisca and Tarascans - American DLC


Thanks for that, 20 Character

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@DynasticPlanet5 well, you asked for it.