New Civ Idea - Deccanis


“The name Deccan has an ancient derivation that originates from a local Prakrit which equates to the South. Various megalithic cultures resided in the dry plateaus of Deccan that eventually gave rise to powerful polities. Various cultures from the Karnata, Maharashtrian, and Telangana realms have vied for power here and amalgamated with each other along with various native tribes of the region, including the Gonds. Owing to their wealth derived from trade and local resources, they’ve garnered a lot of attention and immigration from Persia, Yemen, and even the Horn of Africa who contributed to the Dakhni/Deccani culture. Deccanis were considered seasoned fighters with fortifications that were loaded with artillery, among which there is the longest cannon in the world Malik-e-Maidan.”



Deccanis are a gunpowder civilization, their bombard towers are cheaper and their handcannoneers regenerate health and have faster speeds when around bombard towers. To boost their economy they get extra boars in the start of the game which if carefully gathered can help them a lot in early aging ups. Their main focus should be to rush in aging up process as most of their advanced features come late. By researching Malik-e-Maidan their castles upgrade into a Bombard Castle firing a bombard shot in each burst of fire along with arrows. They have two unique units, one is Pindari trained at the Castles. He is a horse rider arsonist who throws fire bombs at enemies that ignore armour. And the second unique unit Shishpar Cavalry is trained at the stables. He is a mediumly armed horse cavalry with a hammer that damages the enemy armour. In Imperial Age they are able to research Bhalaeet Spear that make their spearline units regenerate health and have extra line of sight. They are able to research all techs for free in the University in Imperial Age. Siege Towers are half priced for them and their allies, thus making them a more effective siege weapon into their army. They also are able to train fully upgraded cavalry archers which comes in handy with their fast moving army.


Unique Units

Pindari = Cavalry unit trained at Castle that throws fire bombs, ignoring armour.


Shishpar Cavalry = Cavalry unit trained at Stable that damages enemy armour in each hit with its hammer.

Shishpar Cavalry

Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Malik-e-Maidan = Upgrade Castles with a Bombard Cannon Shot.

UniqueTechImperialDE Bhalaeet = Spearmen regenerate health and have extra line of sight…

Civilization bonuses

  • Start with 1 Extra Boar
  • Bombard Towers are 15% cheaper
  • Bombard Towers boost health and speed of nearby Hand Cannoneers
  • In Imperial Age your University comes with all techs free to research

Team bonus

  • Siege Towers are 50% cheaper

In-game dialogue language


Dharma Expansion


Nice to see some interest given to the Deccani, and I like the format in which you present your civs with units and buildings being shown. I’m not sure they are super balanced, though.

Does the fire bomb have a blast radius?
I kind of feel like it should damage units and buildings over time (due to the fire) and/or have a bonus against buildings rather than ignoring armour.

Is the amour damage permanent? It may be a bit op if the enemy can’t fully recover one way or another…

I… uh… not sure about this one.

Interesting. The extra line of sight may not be so impressive on a slow melee unit, but a trash unit which regenerate could be quite a threat when massed.

It would need to be tested, but I’m not sure how useful it is considering when you’ve used your two boars you’re supposed to be ready to switch to farming.

Why not I guess.

Maybe way too situational.

Probably too much, maybe you could simply either remove gold OR food prices at university, or make specific techs free? Like all towers/walls techs, or all architecture techs…

Meh… Not sure it would be so useful, but it balances other powerful stuff.

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It will be hard to implement that only with normal mod support. It is fire (the heat) so ignoring armor.

The unit has very less damage per hit
It will need help from other units to finish the enemy.

The research time is still there, only the resource cost is removed. Most of university techs are not so expensive by imperial age anyways.

Just wanted to promote the use of that unit. It is almost never seen in regular games due to its high cost.

Seems okay. Would prefer something else less Ubuch like for the second UU but its alright I guess.

Seems alright outside of the extra LoS, I dont see the point of that

This is busted. Make it one or otherwise it will juat be too much, since you will be able to practically skip farms until castle age and in general you will be able to get a lot of food quickly.

Seems alright

I hate this. Just give them a normal gunpowder bonus instead of an extremely situational aura effect.

This is too close of just beibg a waaaaaaayyyy better Italian discount, just replace it with something else imo. Not sure what though.


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They do need to rush through the ages early on though as most of their special abilities are in late game.

maybe dont give them 2 Boar from the start

what ist when they geht instat that TC Spawn 1 Boar by reaching the next age ( Like the Bengals Villiger Bonus )

The boar bonus is kind of intentional to promote them to age up faster into late age syncing with their rest of tech tree.

You may test out the Civ on Dharma Expansion.

Their stable unique unit could carry through castle age if its cheap or strong enough and either way civs with weak early games like Mongols shows you dont need to go that crazy with early game bonuses if the late game is strong. 2 extra boars is just ridiculous. And yeah shat Akoskaa propose is still bwetter

2 boar is like 600 food. This bonus is completely broken

That isn’t gained instantaneously though. You still need to do some effort, hunting and gathering.

Well if everybody says so I will reduce it to 1 boar only.

knowing how fast hunters gather food this wont be a problem

1 boar should be fine then. I will nerf them.