New Civ Idea - Kannadigas


“Karu Nādu which either means ‘elevated country’ or ‘black country’ named after either the increasing elevation or the black cotton soil, exists in the lower reaches of the Deccan. With its unique geography, we’ve seen Konkan region kings by the coast, native power houses within the mountainous Malēnādu, the southern kings that border Kongu Nādu in the Tamil country, and the northern kings who contested for power in the upper Deccan with various Deccani kings. This region is the home to massive empires such as the Chalukyas, Hoyasalas, and Vijayanagara that asserted power in all directions. The earliest attestation of the Kannada language is observed in the Kadamba period while the Kannada literary culture was started in the upper Deccan by the Kannada speaking Rashtrakutas who ruled from what is now Maharashtra. The language and culture was revered by native and non native kings alike, and the linguistic Kannadiga identity was built through the ages. The lands of Karnataka was protected by its most loyal and prominent generals that kept the enemies at bay with an aggressive stance, so much so that the rump state of Mysuru survived even till the 20th century.”



Kannadigas are an aggressive civilization. Fear not to aggressively strike your enemies as you are able to defend and quickly recover yourself from any devastation at home. Their houses cost -10 wood saving you the resources to invest in other areas. It is an great idea to invest your early resources on scout rush as your cavalry upgrades are free and researching arson affects your stable units as well thus letting them burn down everything faster. To assist your fast moving army you can also recruit cavalry archers. Adding to this you can also train tanky Eleohant Archers and Battle Elephants. Your infantry is no less either. Researching the Nayankara System allows your Nayakas to manage your armies more efficiently to make them take up 0.9 population so you can make more of them. Your unique unit Karnatabala is the pride of your army, as it spreads fear in the minds of enemy unique units, doing bonus damage against them and is unconvertible by monks rendering them useless and able to regenerate health over time. In the Imperial Age you are able to build Workshops that heal nearby buildings. Researching the City of Victory allows you to build massive fire towers and makes your defensive structures like walls, gates, towers auto repair over time. The prosperity of Vijayanagar attracts traders from abroad allowing your allies to research market techs instantly.


Unique Units

Karnatabala = Cavalry unit that is unconvertible, regenerates health and has bonus against other unique units.

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Unique Units

Firetower = Powerful tower that spews fire at short range.

Workshop = Heals nearby buildings.

Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Nayankara System = Infantry Units take 0.9 population space.

UniqueTechImperialDE City of Victory = Can build fire towers and all towers, walls and gate regenerate health.

Civilization bonuses

  • Houses cost -10 wood
  • Cavalry armor upgrades for free
  • Arson upgrade affects Stable units
  • In Imperial Age you can build Workshops that heals nearby buildings

Team bonus

  • Market techs research instantly

In-game dialogue language


Dharma Expansion


I like it, but doesn’t the UU have too many bonuses at once?


I think too many bonuses for just one unit. I’d just keep the regen ability.
Unconvertibility just sounds useless, because, being a castle unit, usually come late when monks usage decay and damage vs Unique units is a mechanic that I find arbitrary and ilogical.
What stats you think for them?

Interesting. Maybe make them specially efficient vs rams and infantry and without minimun range. Good to place behind walls or next to buildings.

Interesting too but a little boring imo.

Nice. I think this chould be a generic tech, but it is another discussion

I think is too much. You already have the workshop for that. Maybe something for firetowers and fire ships.

Actually, sounds fine. Hussar with damage vs buildings is interesting, besides overlap with hindustanis.

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Basically a Samurai (bonus vs unique unit) + Berserker (regen health) but on a Horse


Towers, walls and gates are actually not classified under buildings class in the game so they are not healed by workshop. This tech makes them auto regen.

Good point. It does affect Battle Elephant Line as well.

Seems alright, but I dont see why they need three unique stuff, the buildijgs arent oarticularly important to their playstyle or anything

I dont like it as it is rn. Subpar units shouldnt get weak bonuses and effects buffing them, they should get strong bonuses. At the very least they should have champions and maybe also other infabtry bonuses or the effect of the UT should be larger

At first I thought they had pretty strong cav but without knights or another viable cav unit this is pretty underwhelming outside of team games.

Seems alright but when the other bonuses are kinda mehbit could at the very least be -15 wood. Even at -15 wood I have my doubts the civ would be viable outside of team games and maybe Arena

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It does affect the spearline as well.

The UU also benefits from these.

The civ is playable on Dharma Expansion :slight_smile:

This unit has too many bonuses. I would keep the bonus damage to other units as a unique feature of the samurai and the regenerate health to the camel archers and berserks.

Sounds fine. Isn’t this the fortified tower skin?

Sounds fine but 2 unique buildings is too much. Maybe make this bonus work with monesteries?

I know its not the same but it overlaps with the Goth bonus.

Could be nice but it depends on the regeneration rate.

Sounds reasonable.

This is very similar to the hindustanis.

Too much healing bonuses for only one civ, maybe remove it or look for something else.

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haha its meant to be its civ identity

I wouldn’t mind if this affected other types of units but they are both related to buildings.

Its still a pretty small bonus for a mediocre barracks. I think giving them champiobs just makes sense really

Yeah and Im fine with the bous, I think it fits well here, but I just dont think it is particularky strong and the civ needs a bit more help

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For open maps the worst dark age eco bonus, worse than Incas’ houses giving a slow start. Even though it might seem like a very solid feudal age civ because of the free cav armor for scouts, the slower start would make them defensive in early feudal. A civ that’s forced to be aggressive because of no mid-game eco bonuses nor have strong military options like knights, nor any strong bonuses on ranged units. Attempts to go for castle drop into uu will put them further behind economically. The unique unit actually needs to be more broken than pre-nerf Leitis, Coustilliers to pull them back in mid-game and make them even usable. This means it has to be crazy strong to kill knights even with numbers disadvantage, be faster than knights and not be low in hp and preferably have hidden cavalry class armor.
For closed maps, mediocre monks that lack several upgrades like Sanctity, Fervor, Block printing, No gunpowder units, so absolutely terrible.
No water or fishing bonus, so not a hybrid map civ either. Overall a civ that’s going to be too much uu dependent and incredibly weak till 40 mins.
Simple ways to balance the civ - starting with some extra resources, some eco bonus, some discount on dark/feudal buildings or a different purpose for them and most importantly some bonus that would help them drop castles and get to castle age uu play like stone trickle from gold.

A cavalry uu that’s unconvertible is ridiculously broken. Castle units aren’t always made after 40 mins. Several units like Coustillier, Leitis are common in mid-game. And because they’re very hard to kill but hard to respawn for the uu player as well, monks are very good and commonly used against cavalry unique units.

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Haha two completely opposite viewpoints. I guess it is better to just playtest the unit itself in the civ in the mod.

I think you should merge all these civ idea threada.

Why though? They are all different civs and different ideas. And the post will become way too long (unreadable) if I merge all of it. There’s also a character limit per post afaik.

Honestly i think both have a good point, because i argumented thinking just in arabia case, but in other cases like nomad for example where castle drop+UU is a good strat, that bonus is actually too strong

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for an Arabia TG player its nearly useless because like he mentioned cavalry uu is made after 35 or 40 mins and monks aren’t used at that stage of the game. But for 1v1 players, monks are used quite common against civs with good cavalry in mid game. So perspectives differ depending on the setting. It’d also depend on the stats of the unit. If its a cheap, fast produced but fragile unit, the inconvertibility adds little value but cavalry uu are usually expensive but very strong.

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I can’t help but feel like this civ is going too far out of its way to try and be a cavalry civ with an empty stable lineup.

I know for some reason thou must not have knights in India but it would help a lot

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