New Civ Specific Unit: Elephant (for fun)

Hey guys!

This is just for fun, not a serious request. Imagine if there was a new civ or reworked civ that had the Elephant available from the Stable in Feudal age.

This civ specific unit would have the following stats:

Trained from stables
HP - 70 (90)
Attack - 7 (8)
Pierce Armor - 0 (1)
Melee armor - 0 (1)
Cost - 120 food, 70 gold

Upgraded to Battle Elephant in castle age for 150 food, 50 gold.

Additional ability: can be killed by allied friendly villagers (like sheep) for 300 food. Food can’t be harvested if killed by units. (No longer applies when upgraded)

So I want it to be a powerful unit to soak up damage when you can afford it, or be used as an eco boost under the TC. But also not entirely op in feudal fights.

I’m imagining a meta of it being used with skirms against archers, then micro-ed back under your tc when low HP to harvest for food to recoup some costs.

What do you guys think? Viable? OP? Ridiculous? Close but needs some stat tinkering? Fire away!

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In this case, this civ should start with an elephant scout instead of an scout or eagle scout…

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Too slow for good scouting I think, and also way to powerful for a dark age scouting unit. I’d think this civ should still have access to the scout Calvary line.