New civ suggestion: Hungary

Could you share the screenshots?

oh you expanded to Poles and romanians as well now? last i checked it was hungary only :slight_smile:

Ropi is AFAIK the only one so far to have added a complete civ through mods, which is pretty impressive i think.

I think the sameā€¦the Austrian empire lasted between 1804 and 1918ā€¦it could be good civ,but I donā€™t know what they would do with the civ of the Germansā€¦

They are unlikely to get Scotland,considering that there is already Great Britainā€¦

They would rename the Germans to the Holy Roman Empire, create a new ruler and create a new Home City - and thatā€™s it. Several HC Cart would change their name, Ulan could become Hussar replacement for German civs. The Royal Guard would only get other names, thatā€™s about it. In fact, the changes would only be cosmetic. It would be the same civ all the time - in mechanics and gameplay.

Sigismund of Luxembourg or Charles VII could become the new ruler - excluding the Habsburgs.
There are many potential new Home Cities. These are, for example: Prague, Aachen and Frankfurt am Main.

This civ could receive a cosmetic change in the mechanics of Age Up - instead of politicians - electors (these could only be flags of countries e.g. Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony).

Thatā€™s fine with meā€¦but a Holy Roman Empire without a Habsburg leader would be a bit weirdā€¦considering that they ruled it throughout the Modern Ageā€¦I doubt that they will touch the Germans to divide them,since it is not so easy to create and balance civs in aoe 3ā€¦

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Hungary Civ album
Imgur: The magic of the Internet Romania Civ album

I didnā€™t include the Poles, as they are not quite finished yet, but will be soon. :slight_smile:

Well, no. That is why I have made suggestions for two non-Habsburg Holy Emperors.

and that such Francis of Lorraine (wife of Maria Theresa of Austria and who was the Holy Emperor Francis I)?..During his reign there was the Seven Yearsā€™ War and he was not a Habsburgā€¦

It looks really great. I am looking forward to the PLC especially because it will be a civ built from scratch :smiley:

Have you thought about other European civs, e.g. Austro-Hungary, Prussia, Danes and Italians?
New revolutions would also be nice, e.g. Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs (or Yugoslavs) and Czechs (or Czechoslovaks).

For a slightly medieval HRE civ, Sigismund of Luxembourg is the best choice, plus Home City with architecture from the previous era and we get one of the most attractive Home City in the game.

But I believe that the Holy Roman Empire of aoe 3 is not medieval medieval,since the homecity has factories behindā€¦for me itā€™s more pulling the XVII-XVIII century out thereā€¦

But I wrote earlier that this Civ would receive a completely new Home City - Prague, Aachen or Frankfurt. The new Home City means a completely new look.

Okay,but it would still be a German city of the XVII-XVIII century with factories and some special building behindā€¦like all European homecitiesā€¦

As for the civ, yes - this civ would have defaults Factories.

In the case of Home City, Iā€™d rather see Smithy instead of the Manufacturing Plant.

The New World Trading Company could look like a typical market (e.g. in African civs). It would be called the Town Square.

Harbor could be replaced with the Tavern.

The Military Academy could be replaced with the Imperial Castle.

In this way, Holy Roman Empire civ (now Germans civ) would gain one of the most interesting Home Cities in the game. Its ā€œmedievalā€ style would add charm and atmosphere.

I think it is good,but it would not be a bit strange a European civ with a ā€œmedievalā€ homecity with respect to the other European industrial home cityā€¦also considering that this civ had ships would not have to have a harbor as well?..

Quite a few Home Cities do not have a Harbor, e.g. Asian, African and American civs. Holy Roman Empire civ may also not have Harbor in its Home City.

Potential Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth civ and Austro-Hungary civ also might not have Harbor in their Home Cities.

Well it could be a novelty to have a European homecity without a harbor,but that I can remember the Asian civs,or at least Japan did have a kind of harborā€¦and also assuming that Poland-Lithuania has a homecity to Krakow,this city has access to the Vistula River,so it would also have a harborā€¦and Austria Hungary had access to the Adriatic,so it could also have a harborā€¦

I absolutely disagree, Hungary of Kingdom was a very important and huge civilization that clearly deserves to be in the game

??? Hungary had more inhabitants than England in 1444!!! The 16th-17th century would be the most interesting for this civilization