New civ suggestion: Hungary

I think it would be great if there were a new civ: Hungary
Hungary fought a lot with the ottoman empire, and this country has a very big historical past, so i think it deserves to be in AOE III DE.

Germany, Russia, and the Ottomans can revolt in Hungary, so there is some Hungarian soldiers in the game already. (for example: Magyar hussar, Pandur). I would be glad to play as Hungarians, fight with other empires.

Other thing: It can have some cheap cavarly, mongolian rider or something for age II, (Hungarians left mongolia a long time ago) but then in age III it can have Magyar hussar which is more powerful, but expensive too. Some cavarly archer would be great too to counter cavarly attacks/pushes. (Hungary had a lot cavarly archers with powerful bows)

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Hungary was invaded and conquered by the ottoman empire by 1541 and was then “liberated” by 1699 by the Austrians and then incorporated under the Austrian monarchy. with the spring of nations in 1848 Hungary again tried to become its own entity and that formed the Austrohungarian empire.

but as you can probably see the Hungarians dont make sense as an independent faction, similar to Finland and Scotland they simply just make more sense under their parent faction and as a revolution.


Hungary was part of either the Ottomans or Austria in this time period. It would be easy to include them by just giving the Germans civ the Magyar Hussar, in the Industrial Age.

They should just remove the Revolution mechanics, and replace it with some kind of State echanics taht allows Euro civs to get another bonus or units, depending on choice, but still allow for Imperial Age advancement.

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Yes this is true. But if there were Ausrohungarian empire in game, this could be intresting, because 2 countries working together. For example the game could add new types of home city cards, or some special natives from the other country.

personally i would like the germans to get somewhat of a rework like JonOli suggest, so say you get to industrial and you then can choose to unlock magyar hussars, with other options giving other stuff (say extra factory or prussian musketeers).

that way different smaller german states (and indeed hungary) could be represented better within the faction while also making the faction more unique.

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Yes this is a good idea. :smiley: It would be great!

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A better option than adding Hungarians would be to create a civ based on the Habsburg Empire - Austria and Hungary. This empire really was a major power in Europe. Adding this civ would fill a huge gap on the map of central Europe - in this game we do not have 2 very important civs from this region: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Danubian Empire (also known as the Habsburg Empire).

The Hungarians could become a revolution for this civ, instead of for the Germans. Then the Hungarian revolution could focus on typically Hungarian things. It is worth noting that during the Hungarian uprising in 1848 many Poles on the Hungarian side participated - it resulted in the famous Polish-Hungarian friendship. The Hungarian revolution could get a Home City Card that includes Uhlans (just like the US has the “Pulaski Legion” Card). This Charter could be called “Bem’s Legions”. It is worth noting that Józef Bem is a hero in Hungary, as well as the fact that he was an engineer and creator of the first missile troops in the Polish Army. This card could give you multiple Uhlans and Rockets.


Sure are the Huns and the Magyars not considered Hungarian? Look by all means have more of them they are both good civs to play.

Lol sorry wrong game :joy: thought it was aoe 2

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It should be at least 2 options, for all Euro civs, to be honest, because the Revolution system is not only uncompetitive, but also thematically moot, at this point.

I believe that outside the European maps there should be no possibility of a European revolution. On the European maps there should be no revolutions outside the European ones.

The Finnish revolution on Asian maps is stupid. Even stupider would be the Haitian Revolution on the European map.

If this were to be done then every European civ could have a European revolution, for example the British would have Ireland and Scotland, and the French would have Belgium and maybe Switzerland?

The Ottomans should have the richest offer of European revolutions. Balkan revolutions would be something very wonderful in AoE 3.

That would limit mechanics too much, and would not make much sense from a gameplay perspective. Either teh option is always available as part of the normal Tech Tree, or it should not be available at all.

The system just needs to be replaced.

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I think Hungary should be included as a minor civilization similar to the native Americans or Asian temples. I’m referring to the native Trading Post sockets specifically. In fact, there is probably room for a lot of European ethnic groups/nations to be represented this way.

In this manner, you would be able to ally with the Hungarians similar to the Nootka or Jesuits. You would get a unit or two and a few unique technologies. However, this would be limited to European maps where Hungarians would be located. So maps related to the Carpathian Mountains and Basin.

Other good candidates are probably the Scotts, Irish, Basque, Bavarians, Poles (until they become a full civ), Lithuanians, Danes, Serbs, Flemish, etc. These would obviously be map dependent, but would also help emulate the peoples in Europe that are not part of the game’s empires.

I think there are better cases for Minor Settlements, like Basques, Irish, Jewish Community, Romani, Suomi, Maltese…

Europe was choc full of peoples that existed around, but were technically not part of the big empires.
Hungarians were a pretty big and integrated chunk, of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and so should show up under the Germans civ.

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I’m not saying that the revolution should be revoked. I think it is fine to have Hungarian units in other civs, a revolution civ, and a native civ. And to be fair, I did list some of those cultures in my example for additional minor civs.

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I am. Revolution is the worst mechanic in the game, and now that the USA are in it as a base civ, it is thematically moot aswell.

Interestingly enough, Scotland had colonies during the first centuries of the game time frame.
I’d like to have them in the game, more than USA anyway, haha

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That’s nice. But that doesn’t address my post at all. As it stands, I still stand by Hungary being added as a Minor civ for representation. And not adding it as a full civilization.

And I stand for adding Pandurs and Magyar Hussars to Germans, as an option.

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Hi, I’ve made a mod featuring a few Eastern European Civs that I think you would be interested in. It features Hungary, Romania, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. I’m still updating the mod as often as I can, I hope you will enjoy seeing what I came up with. Thanks :slight_smile: