New civ-unique buildings?

Only two civs have unique buildings atm, so I though I would propose new ones for existing civs:

Vikings: Longhouse, generates food, trains Berserks but cannot upgrade them.

Teutons: Brewery, elimnates food cost for militia line when built.

Celts: Tower House, can store food, fires arrows similar to castle.

Goths: Burial Mound, generates a small amount of gold for every lost Huskarl unit, can store relics.

Mongols: Yurt, extremely cheap, ultra-fast building time , grants 2 pop each.

Chinese: Fireworks storage, researches chemistry and trains Petards for free.

What do you guys think?


with “generate resource” I will assume it is like the portugese unique building. a slow constant trickle.

Fristly these buildings should consume population cap (as the portugese do) to balance the resource income.

Vikings building seems interesting to spam out more berserkers.

Teutons is a big nope. eliminating 65/40 food cost would make it simply cost gold. until a Malay manages to convert it from you. then they would be able to spam out 2H for absolutely free. too broken please think of something else.

Celts: actually a good idea. would be a combination of a mill and a tower together. nice for forwards bushing or hunting. (would make it shoot arrows as a tower. not a castle)

Goths: would you make a cap on the amount you can build of them? if not then after a X amount you can just generate gold by throwing huskarls at the enemy.

Mongols: would completely replace houses then. spamming camp walls for sure

Chinese: I don’t see the use of it researching a tech for free. but free suicide units is just the biggest troll ability imo. only way to counter them would be AoE attacks such as onagers.

the ideas are fun and all. will give a bit more spice to the game but the mechanics you got in mind are a bit out of balance right now.

These are so broken that I don’t know where to start 11. Maybe the yurt, but that sounds like a new quick wall go to.

Cool concept, but let’s not add anymore OP things.

How about these tweaks:

Teuton brewery would eliminate gold instead of food cost.

Goth burial ground would be capped at 1/2

The idea for the Mongol yurt is that it is simply a quicker way of creating pop room in case you find yourself suddenly capped you don’t have to wait too long to start producing again. They would also be incredibly weak, going down faster than any other building, though the player gets the cost back if they are destroyed.

As for the Chinese workshop, how about they simply eliminate the petard’s gold cost, and reduce the wood cost, and also does the same for fire and demo ships?

Love the Idea from the Teuton Brewery, it already exists in other games like this


with the Definition of Brewery on Wikipedia it seems can increase the damage from the soldiers but it slow his speed movement :smile:

Lol, yeah that might work

Even slower? oh gawd imagine the crawl of teutonic knights…

good thing we got siege towers. but that won’t be allowed with the current ‘drink and drive’ laws.


How about just make wonders unique building since we all play conquer rule that wonders are useless?

For example let wonders rise additional pop limit or extra resource income or something else.


Actually there are 3 unique buildings, with the Malay harbour. Also, you will notice that there are downsides to having a unique building:
Malay is quite meh after DE change and can’t be used without water
The Portuguese one is super inefficient, late in the game, bulky, and if you’re not on a water map it’s your only bonus with less gold cost (IMO this building is 95% of the time irrelevant and if you’re on land map 1v1 or in teams after a built market you basically play a civ with only ONE BONUS. Speak of a downside)
THe Bulgarian krepost is the best out of the three, and right now is maybe a little too good, and it produces konniks wich have cavalier +2H swordsman stats in castle age, but even without accounting for the incoming nerfs this building is on a civ without any eco bonus besides free man at arm before castle age.

The wonder idea is nice but it would have to be an OP bonus to be worth sinking 3000 res + tons of vilager time in it

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So alike to the bonusses of the wonders in AoE3 from the asian civs?

I do like that idea. since it will give you a reason to build other than drawing attention of an enemy and being some sort of ‘distraction carnifex’

I think they should give som sort of unit bonus! As long as the building is stadning the bonus will be active. Also should only be abel to build one of them.

The Brewery would only effect the Teuton militia line, not the Teutonic Knights

Got a couple more suggestions:

Britons: Yeoman parish, trains sheep

Japanese: Dojo, reduces training time for Samurai and melee infantry.

Portugese: Coastal fort, similar stats to Krepost but uses cannons instead of arrows, built partly on water like the dock.

Byzantines: Convent, trains unique unit, Nun, which uses an efficient area-of-effect heal which helps multiple units at once but cannot convert.

Turks: Harem: can garison up to 10 villagers, produces 5 pop for every villager garisoned.

Spanish: Bullring, generates 300 food every 3 minutes, provides unique “matadores” tech which increases speed of melee infantry.

I like the idea of the Yurt.

I’d actually like to see Wonder specific bonuses moreso than these to make them occasionally worth building in a game you can’t do a Wonder victory.

I would say reduce cost of Militia line at Brewery, not eliminate one or the other resource cost. Either that, or remove the food cost while increasing the gold slightly, for balance, say by 5? (I know, who wants to pay more gold… eh, whatever.)

For each of these buildings, you should be able to build as many as you want, but some should only grant the effect once, no stacking things like resource savings or training time reduction.

For Franks - Tourney Field: +1 Attack and +1 LOS to Knight line. Requires a Castle and a Market, and to have researched Chivalry in order to build. Costs 300 wood and 100 stone to build, and costs a slow trickle of gold (equal to a relic, so they would cancel each other out) and food (5 for every gold) in order to keep up the effect, which can be manually turned off by the owner. Effect does not stack. I know the Franks have a great Paladin, but this would really bring out the feeling of the chivalric age very well, and the effect can be lost without even losing the building because of the gold cost. Also, having it would force a confrontation.

For Chinese, what about instead giving them - Palace: Grants ability to increase max pop by 20. Imperial age, requires a castle, plus all the houses needed to bring up the population space to the new max. Costs 250 wood, 100 gold, and 75 stone.

Italians - Trade workshop: Yeah, the one from the scenario editor. This one would effectively be a relic, but with the catch that it can be converted by any player just by having the most units nearby (like converting torches, or the monument in King of the Hill). Max 5 stacks of the effect to any player. Costs 250 wood.

Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans - Temple: Sacrifice 10 villagers to increase Militia line stats. First 10, +.5 speed. Second 10, +7 health. Third 10, +1 Attack. Requires a Monastery, and 1 garrisoned monk to keep the effect up. Costs 300 stone.

Saracens - Shisha lounge: Garrison 5 villagers to get 15% discount on food and wood costs at University and 5% on gold costs at Market. Requires a University and a Market. Effect does not stack. Costs 200 wood.

What do you think? Honestly, some of these are probably wildly unbalanced, but I thought they were colorful. :slight_smile:

I think some of these civs can get UBs by simply converting a UT into that.

Goths, for instance could simply get a unique barracks that allows them to build their Huskarls in their barracks and then Perfusion could be replaced with another tech.

Mongol houses could simply become Yurts and not lose pop when destroyed instead of having to research Nomads. Of course Mongols are already really strong so I don’t know if you’d want to give them anything else.

Doing it this way, you can add some flavor to the game without drastically shaking up the balance.

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I like your Ideas, too bad so far they have not been adapted.

Sounds Logical, just to heal, something like a nurse.

The Coastal Fort sounds interesting

I like it, but just to make it more complicated…LOL let’s add to the Stats you mentioned when instead of sacrificing you villagers you bring to the temple enemy Villagers/Trading Carts (+ 25% to the stats), Military Units (+50% to stats) and +100% when you bring Enemy Monks/Misionars.

I asking for too much but is just an Idea for fun.


You actually remind me that Portugese already have a unique building. So I instead think the coastal fort should be something availible to multiple civs. Spanish, Italians, Portugese, Byzantines, and Turks.