New Civilisation Idea: The Dutch/Friesians

New civilization idea: the Dutch/Frisians

Trade and naval civilization

Fishing ships have +5 capacity per age

Gunpowder units have +25% rate of fire

Unique units:

Spiegelschip: defensive gunboat. Ship in someways similar to galleon that can also garrison 5 units( for transport). Shoots cannonball volleys from the side of the ship (like in real life) that does splash damage. Since it shoots from the side it needs to turn every time it shoots making it great defensively, but not good offensively as it has a hard time chasing other ships (since it has to turn before shooting, letting other ships use that time to move out of range). The cannonballs are affected by ballistics (like Spanish) and do good damage to buildings as well as ships (unlike Spanish).

Piekenier: Highly armored pike men with long lances (+1 range attack)

Unique techs:

Ships move 25% faster (this includes trade cogs)

Gunpowder units have 25% more range

Team bonus:

Trade carts and trade ships have 25% more health

Further information:

House (grachtenpand), Mill: klassieke Nederlanse molen, wonder (Ridderzaal): castle: Muiderslot

Event: villagers wear clogs, tulips grow on farms

Focus on trade, navy, freedom of speech, religion, and good defenses, late game civilization

The Dutch revolt and independence from Spain (both late game civilizations, making it interesting) or the 1672 Disaster Year

other unit/building/tech lines

Barracks: pike men and swordsmen max + all upgrades (no champion)

archery range: albalest, thumb ring and advanced skirmisher (no cavalry archer and linked upgrades)

Stable hussar and cavalier bloodlines and speed (no paladin)

Workshop: all units + techs

Blacksmith: all techs

Monastery: all techs

academy: all techs

castle : all techs

Economy: all techs

Docks: all techs

Market; all techs

Town center: all techs

Burgundians already cover them.


25%more range is too much for BBC and canon galley. Plus one or two is maybe okay but even then that’s already covered by the Turks UT


first of all, 2 bonuses? that’s it? and the first one, there only eco bonus, is highly situational? and the second one is the spanish bonus. how is this civ supposed to even do anything? look at how bad burgundians are and you’ve given them an even weaker eco bonus.

yet more borrowing of bonuses from other civs (berbers and turks).
i’m sorry but this civ would be weak as can be.

aoe2 doesn’t even extend into until the end of the dutch revolt, let alone the disaster year.

this civ/campaign sounds like it would be a better fit for aoe3.

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That civ is from the time of Aoe 3( after 1400 AD).
I think, the important civs from the time period of Aoe 2 ( 400-1400 AD) are already included in Aoe 2 Definitive Edition.

But if somebody at Microsoft want to add fictional civs, they may add a USA civ at Aoe 1 and Aoe 2, how USA and Joe Biden defeat Asians and Africans. At Aoe 1, there only few civs.

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I would like to see Templars as a civ or as military units of a new civ called: Jerusalen Kingdom. Also, I would like to see more crusades campaigns

They are not a civilization and were exterminated midway during game era.


a hard no… enough eu


!st- Dutch ARE NOT MEDIEVAL!!!

2nd- All the Low Countries are already covered by the Burgundians, and that is the exact reason the Burgundians were even added in, in the first place.

3rd- The game rfeally does not need anymore Euro civs, and if it was to get another Western European civ, it should probably be the Swiss, as they could at least have a radically different design.

Don’t forget our waterships turning swamps into massive farms thus farms should cost 0 wood, rather 10 food or something for the effort lol. And a watership building empowering farms. Or build a watership mill for 100 wood and be able to build farms for free around it.
Unique unit: envoy. Can convert enemy villagers

please stop necroing old threads