New Civilization Concept - the Moravians

The Moravians would represent the West Slavic states of Moravia, particularly Great Moravia, which was arguably the most powerful Slavic state of the Early Middle Ages. I know more European civs are not what most people are hoping for, but I think this civ would ideally be added in a DLC breaking down the Slavs (similar to what Dynasties of India did to the Indians). Otherwise, Moravia is a significant part of Medieval history and warrants at least a theoretical look at what it might be like in AoE2.

The Moravians
Cavalry & Monk Civilization
Eastern European Architecture

Shield: Something based on the Medieval banner of the Margrave of Moravia:

Wonder: Nitra Castle (castle in Slovakia built by the rulers of Great Moravia).

Campaign: Svatopluk (867 - 894)

Unique Unit
Bradatica: a cavalry unit wielding a shield and an axe. Would have high pierce armor and an attack bonus against archery range units (both would be lower than a Huskarl’s to accommodate for the Bradatica’s higher mobility).

  • Bradatica was a kind of axe wielded by Moravian knights (the unit is named after the weapon, similar to Urumi Swordsmen). Ideally, the Moravian unique unit would be called a Druzhina - however, that is already represented by the Slavs’ unique tech.

Unique Techs
Zhupans: Castle Age UT. Monks provide conversion resistance to nearby units (stacks with Faith).

  • Zhupans were Moravian administrative communities which were centered around a church. This tech would encourage Moravian players to mix monks into their army comp, particularly if the enemy was also making monks.

Voivodes: Imperial Age UT. Knights and Bradaticas move 20% faster.

  • If a Moravian leader was unable to lead his armies personally, he would appoint a voivode (roughly translates to “warlord”) to lead an army in his stead. Note that the Moravians lack Husbandry, so their cavalry are slower until this tech is researched. Afterwards, however, they have the fastest knights/paladins in the game.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Monastery technologies researched 100% faster (Great Moravia was the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet, which was originally invented by Chrisitian missionaries for liturgical purposes).
  • Castles have +5 building armor (Great Moravia was protected by a series of fortifications which were difficult to siege. Frankish chroniclers described them as the strongest and largest castles they had ever seen. Note that the Moravians lack Architecture, which offsets this bonus a bit in Imperial Age).
  • Knights cost -50% food (Moravian armies were primarily composed of cavalry, and Arab chroniclers observed that the Moravians had plenty of horses).
  • Animals killed by Moravian villagers do not decay (Moravian fortresses were surrounded by small villages which farmed a variety of livestock).

Team Bonus: Blacksmith upgrades are 15% cheaper.

  • Metallurgy and smithing were the most important industries in Moravia.

Missing Techs

  • Barracks: Eagles; Gambesons.
  • Archery Range: Arbalesters; Hand Cannoneers; Elephant Archers; Thumb Ring; Parthian Tactics.
  • Stable: Hussar; Camels; Steppe Lancers; Battle Elephants; Husbandry.
  • Blacksmith: Ring Archer Armor; Plate Mail Armor.
  • Siege Workshop: Siege Onager; Bombard Cannon; Armored Elephants.
  • Castle: None.
  • Dock: Fast Fire Ship; Elite Cannon Galleon; Dromon; Dry Dock; Shipwright.
  • Monastery: Atonement; Heresy.
  • University: Architecture; Bombard Tower.
  • Economy: Gold Shaft Mining.

Let me know what you think! If you have any changes you’d recommend, feel free to say so.

I feel like a 30% food discount is a bit crazy because it puts the Magyar scout discount to shame. Later in the gsme it feels a bit wasted to only really effect 2 units.

That said they have pretty garbage eco since non decaying sheep is like the most who cares bonus compared to getting more meat like tatars or britons. So you get all 8 sheep and get an assured 800 food instead of 760ish? This advantage is less than a villager. Someone higher elo want to do the real math for me?

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I see your point. Would “Stables units created 25% faster” and “Animals (Huntables & Herdables) don’t decay” work a little better?

I want the stables bonus to be more than just a scout bonus because I want it to apply to their knight-line as well. I imagine the knight-line being the core of their army comp (particularly because Moravian armies were primarily composed of heavy cavalry due to influences from East Francia).

I know the purpose of the bonus it just feels more like a bonus that wants a bunch of stable options. And it just shines hard when buying 2 scouts leaves you almost enough food for another villager

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  • Replaced “Stables units cost -30% food” with “Knights cost -50% food”
  • Replaced “Herdable animals don’t decay” with “Animals killed by Moravian villagers do not decay”

More interesting option is Silesians civ. Bohemians are legacy of Great Moravia.