New civilization dlc in coming for Middle Eastern

So I think They’re to Middle Eastern Civilization for dlc is Coming Soon puzzle I guess what it is

No sé si consultaste a una pitonisa o hiciste uso del tarot pero esperemos que tengas toda la razón, cruzo los dedos por contenido nuevo pronto :crossed_fingers:t2:

El compa @AnyDiagram93675 es chino, creo. Supongo que lo que intenta decir es que cree, que intenta adivinar, que la siguiente civilización que vendrá es del Medio Oriente, y nos insta a adivinar nosotros también.

Lo sé, el año pasado tiró su comentario y le atinó a lo que vendría. Yo sé que no se sabe nada de nada pero me encanta imaginarme las posibles cosas nuevas

Not sure having the title of is as “New civilization dlc in coming for Middle Eastern” is a good idea - it’s not true.

Yeah, we’d all like to see more DLC, however stating it the title is rather misleading.


I Sorry, I have misled the new DLC. What can we do there’s nothing we can do about it of Anyway, does it depend on when the developers develop

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After such a long time of drought, I’m hoping for a decent Asian update - lots of brand new Asian maps along with a brand new category of Asian Minor Civilizations (based on nations / cultures rather than religions). DE added two civs:

  1. Swedes - Europe
  2. Incas - America
  3. Asia received nothing

So it would be nice if there was a rework of the Chinese civ (cut the Mongolian compactness and add more Chinese) and make the Indians civ able to be divided in the future (Indians civ should become Mughals civ). The Japanese, on the other hand, should receive Meiji Restoration - e.g. as Big Button in the Isolationist option in their Consulate.

The free civ could be the Tatars civ that is in Historical Battle. They would receive Mongolian content from Chinese civs, would have access to Cavalry Archer, and would receive brand new Unique Units. In this way, this civ could represent the nations of Central Asia that arose after the collapse of the Genghis Khan Empire into numerous Mongol-Turkic countries. Such a free civ could be a preview of the Islamic / Middle Eastern DLC.

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Your Tatars concept using Mongolian units is a good concept. Reusing and reasigning assets is a wonderful way to cut costa, thus improving the posibility of having new content in the game


Thank you :smiley:
In this way Tatars civ would already have several of their units and it would be enough to add new ones (focused on Turkic peoples).

Chinese civs in exchange for Mongol units (which if I remember correctly there are 4-5, mainly cavalry) would receive typically Chinese ones. The same would apply to the Chinese “Village”, their unique building House - it should also be replaced as it is very nomadic.

Tatars civ should have the ability to pack and relocate their buildings at the cost of their lower HP. Of course, they would also have expensive technology that makes them no longer Nomads - then they would gain an architecture similar to the Cental Asian Architecture Set from AoE 2.

Tatars civ (along with the Ottomans civ after second great rework of them) could be representatives of a completely new category of civs - Islamic Civilizations.

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No worries - I think at least it shows that there is a lot of support from us for a Persia civ :grin:

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I also hope that Vietnamese, Korean, Thailand will be added

I prefer Siam,Persia,Vietnam,Korea and Khmer.