New Civilization idea: Bohemians

Hello everyone

This is a civilization idea I made after watching a small video about the bohemians, let me know what do you think.


Infantry and monk civilization

Civilization bonuses

  • -Monks get +1 range for each relic (max 5)
  • -Infantry +2 attack against building for each age
  • -Gold mines last 25% longer
  • -Bombard cannons can be upgraded to Howitzers

Unique units:

  • -Hussite Wagon - Ram that shoots arrows, can garrison archers to increase the number of arrows shot
  • -Howitzer - Bombard cannon with more range and more area of effect

Unique technologies:

  • -Wagenburg tactics: You can garrison pikeman in the Hussite Wagons, when melee units attack the wagon they will get the damage of the pikeman (with bonuses)
  • -Bohemian Schism: Monks will reduce the speed of the enemy converted by 30% but they will cost 60% more gold and 100 food.

Team bonus:

Infantry causes +5 damage against knight line

Missing units: Arbalest, Paladin, Siege ram, Siege onager, heavy scorpion, Galleon, Fast Fire Ship, Heavy Demolition Ship, Camel line, Eagle line, Steppe lancer line, Battle Elephant line, Heavy Cav Archer

Missing Techs: Block printing, Heresy, Sanctity, Fervor, Bracer, Plate Barding Armor, Ring Archer Armor, Shipwright, Guilds, Two-man saw, Crop Rotation,

Missing Building: Krepost, Donjon

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so what helps this civ during the early game?

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Not missing the Feitoria? :open_mouth:

Jokes aside, the +5 damage against knight line… sounds like quite a lot, as it’s a lot easier to mass infantry than knights. Especially when you have an ally like goth


so concerns here -

they lack an eco bonus to help them get going. period. yeah gold mines lasting longer will be useful in the late game, but they have nothing to help them get to that point.
also - what is the point of longer lasting gold mines on a civ that is infantry dependent? not to mention the economy upgrades of this civ are just straight up trash.

they are capped at crossbows without ring archer armor and bracer
they are capped at cavalier without the final armor upgrade.
which makes this civ entirely dependent on their infantry to do literally anything, but they have nothing at all to keep their infantry alive/help get them out faster.
they have baseline standard armor, which means archers are going to eat them up.
they will do decently against knights just because of your team bonus, which i might add would be highly broken in certain situations (looking at you Japanese). but this civ will get straight up murdered because they have nothing to help them get going. and nothing to stop archers.

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Yes, probably I went too hard on the balance, I didn’t want it to be so broken. Giving them bracer and arbalest may boost them a bit.
And maybe lower the Team bonus to 2 or 3.
Bohemians used to defeat knights of the Holy Roman Empire very easily during the Hussite Wars, so that’s where that bonus came from
Thanks for the feedback!

I’d suggest at least removing the bbc and adding Siege Ram, so that you at least hame something half-decent to push against archer civs. As well as the comment from the other participant in the thread, ditch the gold bonus, and give them something for the early eco, or else this civ is going to be only for closed maps (and fare pretty badly there too).

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That’s broken. Elephant and Knight civs would be crushed. Anyone who is a micro nerd would be impossible to beat. Sounds too much like the Lithuanians as well. So, get rid of that.

+5 damage attack should only affect the Militia line.

Howitzer does not make sense. As far I know, that’s a fairly modern weapon.

Your monk tech sounds like a nerf if anything.

better to be called “houfnice”

Wouldn’t the Hussite Wagon work as an even better anti ranged than rams?

If I’m understanding it right, it’s basically similar to the Korean War wagon, but with garrison. Korean WW can take down buildings in large numbers, but it’s approaching the meme territory.

It’s a ram with ranged attack, so it should aproximatively have the anti-piercing of a ram without the slow movement handicap. Another difference with the Korean War Wagon is that it should be treated as a siege weapon, like the Portuguese Organ Gun, and thus should only be healed by villagers rather than monks.

Maybe we could stick to historical accuracy (and my idea) and keep the wagon fort as being a thing that packs and unpacks, being able to garrison and train some units when unpacked


Isn’t this supposed to be a monk civ?

So the only late-game option they have is Champions and Halberdiers.

This has to be the weakest eco of any civ.

This civ will become the new Portuguese according to your bonuses.

Especially when you consider they have nothing to get them up and running earlier. Literally rhe only eco bonus is gold lasting longer. On a civ that doesn’t have much use for gold.

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A lot of questions and concerns I’d have about the civ as a whole have already been answered so I’ll leave those be. I’d like to ask a bit about the Hussite Wagon.

What kind of base stats are you thinking here? Is it like a ram in castle and a capped ram when elite? Same kind of movement speed/armor/etc? How many arrows does it fire at base? I’m assuming its effected by archer attack upgrades, etc.

Curious about this upgrade, pikes in the ram would be able to fight against units outside of it, but not be hit by them unless un-garrisoned or ram is destroyed? How would you target units? With this it could have the ability to do melee, pierce, and anti building. So I’d see a situation you want to use the pikes against knights, archers against infantry, and ram against a castle. But I’m assuming if you target the ram to the castle the arrows and melee target that as well? If patrolled would the ram attack a castle while the arrows fired at units, and the pikes stabbed some nearby horses?

Also, how many units could it garrison?

Final question/suggestion. Would it make sense for this unique tech to also allow it to be trained at the siege shop? I like the idea of unique siege unit! That’s not a very common type of UU, so it could be fun to have something of that nature.

I see nothing wrong with this. Could work.