New civilizations?

I was wondering if new civilizations are coming or not and will the old ones be modified?

I think in AoE II there was pretty much civilizations. In my opinion, 10-15 civilizations would be fine.


The one Civ I would like to see in AoE: DE either at release or in DLC if its going to happen is Israel, I mean, one of the biggest influenced Civs of the Old World in terms of Religion and Geo Politics up until 72 A.D.

In new version of age of empires 2 definitive edition please add 2 civilizations for Indians ie Aryans & dravidians because these two having distinct architecture style and vast history is their you can also add some campaigns specially to identify the history of Indian subcontinent for examples like emperor’s India like chandragupta mourya, cholas, vijayanagar empire ,maratha empire so many are their and add war elephants in the units for new game.

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