New civs flag concept.jpg

noice! I like the lightening fast response time xD

Bagratid Armenia (9th-11th)

Armenian kingdom of Cilicia (12th-13th)

Armenian Principality of Khachen in the region of Artsakh, today Nagorno-Karabakh (13th-17th)


New Chinese…


mind making one from this?

Let’s see some more flags here.

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If anyone wants to, create this flag concept as well.

hey guy i made a brighter white flag

It was too dark before

lighter one

Cool. I like it as you did great on this. :slight_smile:

Can you also create this flag as well? It’s the flag of Gurjara-Pratihara.

I assumed you stopped doing civ embles for AoE2, but could you make a template based on the Portugal emblem?