New civs in DM

So the 2 new civs can research their UTs in DM opposed to other civs who got them researched for free. I think this is intentional as their UTs are different than others. And I’m okay with Burgundians I suppose.

But Sicilians UTs are very very OP in DM. They can build TC and Castle in half of the time. They can literally drop a castle immediately at the start (it built way faster than you can even imagine) and then start adding TCs later. Once you get 5 TC, research the Third Crusade and instantly get 50 Serjeants. Also I don’t know why you can research Scutage when Vietnamese get their Paper Money researched with +500 gold on their bank. I think you should have Scutage researched and 15 more gold for the starting scout. For Third Crusade this should be removed completely in DM.


CUmans mercenaries follows this criteria too?

No, Cuman mercenaries is already researched in post-imp games. Only instance this tech is useful in 1v1 11