New Civz

The new and variant civz look amazing and can’t wait to play them. Does anyone else think that new civz will be a little op compared to current civz. I guess we’ll have to wait until it all plays out


Well OP is always a numbers game. I worry more for the identity of existing civilizations of whom the variants are based off. ZXL specifically features a lot of the things that was stripped away from China, and they seemingly do a lot of China’s core mechanics better. More interesting Gunpowder tech, earlier access to unique units, cheaper landmarks and units, more immediate bonuses like cheaper farms rather than faster vil production, and they even have more total unique units.

So it just makes me wonder. Why would I even play China? I guess if I want to play a more boomy version of it? But, I don’t see why I couldn’t try to focus on booming with ZXL with a better outcome either way. Anyway, I feel a lot of ZXL’s mechanics should’ve just been part of China to begin with. We’ll see if their identities diverge more later on, but right now, many variants seemingly just do their original’s fantasy just better. Mind you, I’m not talking about mechanics or the phase of play, like booming, aggro or tech. Just the identity.


They might seem OP because either they are and they will get tuned or we don’t know how to play against them with other civs yet but will be better as time goes on.

Yeah definetly agree. Ayubids as an example, to me just seems a more fun and interesting civ to play than the abbasid. Hopefully they add more features to the original civz

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China 2 does not have archer and handcannoner.

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It’s way too early to tell. Let the expansion first release, let everyone play it for 2-3 weeks, then I think we can start drawing conclusions.

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I have a suspicion that at least Joan’DArc, Ayyubid and Order of the Dragon could outshine their parent civs. But in the case of Zhu Xi, it has certain aspects that still make her different from her father civ, such as the landmarks or the fact of “lacking” a fire lancer, many unique gunpowder technologies and even Handcannoner… (first civ without handcannoner, so Aztec next dlc, hehehehe, my hype dreams sorry).

In any case, I want to test some games and the campaign to draw a conclusion. In fact, I even came up with a very interesting idea to balance several civs if the Byzantines are very broken with mercenaries, such as:

  • “Mercenaries for each civ”.- like AoE3 mechanic, but obviously as a balance they would cost a lot of gold, 3 units maximum per civ, bought in the mercenary camp, and only "historical mercenaries" from each civ (Ex: France: Ballestero Genoese, Templar Cab., Swiss Pikeman). Only future civ with mercenary epithets would have more than 3, and some mechanics to make them cheaper or invoke them, such as Venice, Hungary or Milan (the only one for now is Byzantines). I’m still making the list, looking for ideas for Mali, it’s going to be a very interesting topic hehehe.
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Pro players seems to be saying the exact opposite, that Zhu xi is the strongest civ in the game and that it will need to be nerfed.

I think HRE and Order are very different, no mace, no marching drills, no villager inspiration, and it seems to be playing very differently.

Ayyubid lack tons of cool tech at the house of wisdom, different unique units, and so many differentiation Ayyubid is probably the most different from original.

Jeanne darc is quite similar but the villager production speed on regular french should not be underestimated.

the variant civs are op
the byz and the ### just ok

I don’t know, i saw many post of people saying OftD is weak and need be stronger… So we will see. And Ayyubids seems well balanced as well.

Jeanne and Zhu xi are on the stronger side, but i don’t think they are broken. We will see when more games are played.

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They can’t it perfect on the first try. I wouldn’t be surprised if half are OP and half are underpowered. Too early to say.

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While it does seem Zhu Xi is overtuned, OOTD looks to be arguably the worst civ in the game right now. The combination of very expensive units does not combine well with what is basically the worst eco in the game (opposite of HRE honestly)

The Ayyubids gambling wing seems to be a bit overtuned, especially if you highroll on the available trades, however I expect Jeanne to not do well at most player levels (especially lower levels where levelling her past 2 will be a struggle)

So, how do you balance japanese food economy? Since you have not any upgrade to food, you are 100% dependent of getting town centers upgrade.

And, I’ve noticed that you can spam town centers in middle game. So, instead of putting a house in a food source, just put a town center? Then when food is out, get the upgrade.

I think japanese will struggle so hard to get food.

I cant understand how dare they design french like this。
now they just need hero skill aoe ,royal knight zero distance charge with once attack, these spear just gone。
so where is advantage for old french?-25 wood Economic building?or 15%vils in age2?