New Colloseum

It’s already “”“fun”“” as it is.

Now imagine doing it from scratch. That is where the real fun begins :smiley:


I’ve done everything from 0 because it’s easier for me to find myself in my work, mainly to be able to easily change things like units or add as recently a bonus system which is to receive cards for the civilization in question.

Massive kudos for going this far! Hardwork pays off :smiley:
I don’t know how exactly you’re developing the new colloseum but… my personal experience is, it’s a lot more depressing for me to hear “this garbage is bugged pls fix thx” than to make a full 6-months long work from scratch. So I tend not to communicate with people, I simply “choose” a few ones who have free time, can give me feedbacks (both positive and negative), spot as many bugs as possible and describe these bugs to me with a lot of details.

PS: somehow, these rude people absolutely love abbreviations, lol. Saying “pls”, “thx”… doesn’t really help me to forget the rude part.

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Ammmm… Im new to this game i used to play colosseum when i was a kid and i recently bough the game back then i had a room hosting app or something like this but idk where and how to find it i need a little help please… How can i download it and does anyone actually play ? and if there is a game room hosting thingi could you link it or tell me what is it called?

You have to launch the game then go to tool then mod and there you can download the mod you want, I have a tutorial for you to install scenarios it works as if you want to host a Colloseum.


Afterwards when you have the mod in question you have to go to the menu then multiplayer, hosting then change the type of game that is standard as scenario then select the scenario you want to play.

But whats the name of the scenario, because i couldnt find in in the mod browser. Even by searching your name.

oh man i remember the halloween version, my favorite, sadly lost it when i got a new PC.

Ha, i still have it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s normal it’s not out yet I’ve tried a lot for balancing, currently 6 players can play, I have to implement the last 2 and the laziness has made me not finish.
In any case I have worked a lot the equipllibrage and the bug