New Colors for Banners AoE4

I think we need more colors, Gold, Crimson because the colors that we have are very dull atm.


I agree. The current palette is far too limited, the background colour is only a small selection of dark colours. Also more field partitions would be good

I tried doing something close to the shield of Lorraine (which has a cool story behind it). Getting 3 eagles or falcons at the right place was luckily possible but the colours look nothing like the real thing, and impossible to get the oblique red bar, the closest being one circle around each bird…

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Very good idea. More colors would be absolutely great!

yeah here’s to hoping they eventually add a full colour wheel like this for each colour setting. i cant see how this isnt possible, and/or allow players to apply their banner in game somewhere (like maybe on TC’s and castles)


I agree a more immersive banner creation would go a long way. I think being able to see our banners on our TC would also be nice, it can just be a static flag.


Definitely something that would be great if adressed. I can understand the logic behind it, to complement to the main menu colors, however, the combinations rarely produce good results. Full customization, bright colours, and more in game visibility.

The ability to choose your color before a match and seeing your banner on your TC would be lovely indeed.

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I would like to revive this thread in the hopes relic sees this!

I think we need more colors, Gold, Crimson because the colors that we have are very dull atm.

We really need more vibrant colors! I saw the new banners we are able to unlock for the event and they all have this amazing colors on the website. As soon as you unlock them you realize that the color palette is quite dull… This makes me sad. :frowning:

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More colors was one of the options in the season 3 poll that is out.

So it is definitely on their list.

Everyone who hasn’t should take that poll and do all the extra sections which are choosing how you would prioritize adding features like this.


I think this is actually the best thread in AoE4 forums I’ve seen in quite some time tbh.

I can’t believe this hasn’t been suggested more often, or why even I havent bothered suggesting it but it has crossed my mind many times when I’m customising my profile lol!

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I agree too. If not newer colours, then maybe a saturation slider? I feel the current colours are too washed out.

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really I filled mine out, but must have missed it or the polls have different questions. :see_no_evil:

I think the goal of the devs was to accurately represent colors from the medieval times, that’s why they are so washed out (don’t take my word on that, i vaguely remember that I heard it in a video). Which is nice and all but I think a vibrant colors would make me want to customize my profile banner more.

Additionally it would be nice if the banner pattern covers the whole banner and not only the “main” flag, looks still strange to me.

Yes. Although it seems at odds with the general palette of the units, which is bright, and which I loooove.

We have enough games with a washed out medieval palette. AOE is supposed to be sunny and bright.

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On a smiliar note, I would like them to fix banner patterns too, none of them reach the bottom of the banners.


A color rework is due, I hope it’s coming soon. Many colors don’t fit well with one another, for instance “Sigil frame” and “Banner background” colors have plenty of purple tones while “Pattern” has too much of green. And “Banner and sigil outline” colors by themselves are way too bright and don’t fit with anything.