New coloseum 1v1

It is an alpha it is not finished I will later add other civilization of further improvement and + more
For the moment the map is finished, I will continue to publish the civilizations then I will move on to improvements.

Link on the map : Mods Single – Age of Empires

My youtube channel :


  • Map 1v1
  • You gain 100 gold as soon as you have 100 kills
  • you earn units from 200,500,800,1000 kill
  • There are 2 doors per player
  • The same system to obtain units in the coloseum using a special unit on the units you want to create
  • African map
  • Playable civilization : All African, All European and Japanese civilizations are available there.

18/09/2021 : new update

  • I added a civilization: Japanese
  • I added a civilization: German