New Dark Age Siege Unit: Arsonist

This is just a thought that I had to make the DA and FA more interesting with more military/siege options than either boom or drush. The thought process is simple here. It is basically a male villager with a torch.

Cost: 45 Food, 10 Wood
HP: 35
ATK: 3 (+20 bonus against palisade walls. +10 against all other buildings. It is meant to be more effective against buildings than infantry.)
Armor: 0/0 (Blacksmith techs may or may not affect this.)
Produced from the TC (or barracks, but it should a trade off for villagers and not militia).
Available to all civs in the DA.

The logic behind this unit is simple. If you go for a drush and your opponent just palisades themselves in, it is really frustrating. This unit will allow you to take down the palisade wall so your two or three militia can take out the villagers. This just adds another layer to DA and FA warfare. This will partially negate the palisade protection.

This unit is weak enough that villagers with loom can kill it so it will need to be a support for militia. If you rush three militia and two arsonists, your opponents economy will be in shambles as palisades are more easily destroyed.

I know the arson tech from the barracks serves a similar purpose, but this unit is designed to be used in DA until the arson tech becomes available.

I am curious about what everyone’s thoughts are.


We already have Arson, and Infantry already does well against Buildings.

The Tarkan is wielding a Torch, though, if you want a unit that burns down towns.

Also, you are not supposed to be able to destroy the enemy Town in the Dark Age easily.


But thiscould work as a tool against walling. Maybe he needs weaker ponus against buildings, or no bonus at all againt buildings other than palisade and walls.

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Sounds like it will become irrelevant in feudal


Sounds like the Slave unit in Stronghold Crusader. More interesting scenario editor units are always welcome.

It is supposed to be irrelevant in FA. Building bonus could be nerfed to include only walls and houses. It is designed to be a counter to walling in the DA with palisades.

PeakHornet46539, the slave from Stronghold: Crusader was the inspiration here. :grin:


Great idea woud love to have this unit spice up gameplay in otherwise predictable DA

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I’m usually very sceptical about new and creative ideas for this game, but this one might actually be good (exact values would still need to be discussed of course).

It could be a nice way to make defending without military a lot harder (which it should be imo).

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I very much like the idea, though implementing it properly might be tricky. For sure it would need better stats to survive at least some arrow fire.
I’m not sure how such a unit would scale in the later stages of the game, that is from castle age onwards. If you add an elite upgrade, maybe it could become a trash siege unit, though I have no idea whether this would be good or not for the game.

Regardless, I like the idea of adding a “siege” unit to the early game. It may help changing the wall-up fast castle meta present in many maps right now.

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I think there doesn’t need to be any upgrade or scaling (that would make balancing a lot more complicated as well).
Just have it as an early game option and that’s it.

I also don’t think it would need to have arrow resistance. If the opponent has defense, it’s a bad unit. If he doesn’t it can tear down walls. That’s good enough

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think its a great idea. although there might be an overriding theme that the devs have in mind…

afaik they intentionally made it easier to wall arabia so the devs might intentionally want longer games with more defensive play early on…

I agree. This is the whole point for this unit. It can take down walls to expose villagers. If your opponent has a couple militia then this unit is a bad idea. If it comes from the TC then you will have less villagers. This will make for either a really short game our really long as FA takes longer to get to.

I still think it should get at least 1 pierce armor and benefit from blacksmith armor upgrades, otherwise even skirms can kill it easily. HP is already super low, so it will die easily to archers and towers.

What you wrote:

If you go for a drush and your opponent just palisades themselves in, it is really frustrating.

What I read:

“I am unable to understand the importance of scouting and how the opponent’s strategy changes/affects my own strategies because every time I perform strategy X I want it to work regardless of what’s happening in the game, therefore I have this idea that will tailor the game towards my specific playstyle.”

A drush isn’t supposed to be easy to pull off because when you do pull it off, it can be absolutely devastating, but you need to scout what your opponent is doing and decide whether a drush is a good idea or not. Same for pretty much any strategy.

Even if you force your opponent to quickwall and repair you’re causing idle time and getting value out of your drush, not to mention you can use it defensively in a pickle.

To completely change a game’s meta for this is…well… a bit over the top, in my opinion.

But it could be a fun mod to mess around with.

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A true “arsonist” unit should infact be a unit that runs around your own town and sets your own buildings on fire before being caught and thrown into the dungeons. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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