New DLC idea: Ethnic/Regional Unit skins for all Civs+more

Certainly a lot of nice skins.

It was nice just using that battle elephant skin from the event, would be great if they at least gave us reskins of the most upgraded version of units like there’s easily a skin here for champs, halbs , paladins (or cavalier) for a number of different regions

I’m so glad to have the heavy pikeman and crusader knight mod because the halberdier and cavalier are ugly to me. I actually don’t like the paladin but the mods available are also not that great looking.

Now some interesting scenario units that can be unique units not sprite changes are the ox wagon into a mobile town center, flamethrower, junk, ninja and canoe.

No, i am fundamentally against this. One of the reasons why aoe2 is better than aoe3 and 4 is because it’s really clear to see what each unit is. If you change generic units like knights and archers for each civ it’s going to get really confusing. No need to fix things which aren’t broken. Ok i guess they could change unique unit skins, but don’t mess with generic units. Play aoe4 if you want fancy graphics.

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Our suggestions are asking for a client side only and I’d love to play AoE4, but my PC can’t handle it, it can barely handle 3.

I guess it’s fine if you prefer aesthetics over gameplay

I can have both. Having an option to turn on or off the option would be nice.

Its complete spculation that readability will suffer. Anyone playing the game after a while will learn the units. Stop insulting the player base’s intelligence.