New DLC idea: Ethnic/Regional Unit skins for all Civs+more

We all love the civ+campaign DLC. However, besides that, there can be one other kind of DLC that we can all really love. I am talking about regional/ethnic unit skins DLC that won’t include new civ yet will include a good deal of content.

Adding regional skins to all the units can massively improve the gameplay for both casual and even competitive players. It can add a lot more flavors to different Civs, something that’s greatly lacking. Aoe4 already has done it without any issues. So the whole complaint that regional skin will make it difficult to distinguish units is kinda mute. Civilization 6 did regional skins for its unit in a very creative way. It slightly changed the shield, hat, and weapon for the units while keeping similar animation and that’s about it. The same thing can be done for AoE2 units.

The biggest problem is what this DLC pack will actually include that will justify its price. Even without adding extra civ, it can still include a ton. I think it can include the following:

  1. Regional skins for land units for all factions based on the current regional Architecture. That includes eastern, western, Central, southern Europeans, central Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Africans, South Asian/Indians, and Mesoamerican civs.
  2. There can be around 6 historical battles. This scenario can greatly showcase the new units skins.
  3. New music that can be based on historical cultures of medieval eras.
  4. Maybe a few campaigns for some of the civs that didn’t get any.
    I know new civs is what most people want. However, adding new civs may make the price of the dlc too much. I think we can have one DLC without new civ. If such dlc works well, it can open the door for more future DLC ideas.

Unit Designs
Now, the unit skins can be organized in a specific way. Not all units will require new skins such as siege units, elephant units, and eagle warriors. Also, units such as camel riders and horse archers will only require limited amount of variation (e.g. camel unit skins for central and east Asians and default camel skins can be for others). The default European-style unit skins can be shared among existing civs. For example, swordsman skins can be given to western European and archer skins can be given to southern Europeans. There need to be new skins for monks and villagers. Some civ can have mix unit skins. For example Turks can have their cavalry line use central Asian unit skins while the rest will use middle Eastern. I personally think Byzantine should also have different unit skins however that can come with new architectural design alongside new civs such as Armenia who will also share it. That can come in the future because I think unit reskin DLC shouldn’t include new civs.

Possible Issues
As for Multiplayer, it can get tricky. If a player has this DLC and his opponent doesn’t two things can be done. One; no one will be able to use those reskin models which will keep the game as it is today. Two: The one with DLC will use the reskin which may not be that big of an issue since it’s possible to distinguish easily. The third option includes allowing the player an option in the game setting regarding the use of reskin models.
There’s also the issue with future civs. If civs like Tibbeteans or Armenians get included with new architectural buildings, they should get new regional unit skins. If one owns this DLC they will get access to all those new skins otherwise they won’t get it.

Let me know what you guys think. Do you think it’s a kind of DLC that you’ll buy? Do you think something else should be added? Share your thoughts and ideas.


Im sorry but a dlc with unit skins should NEVER be tied into a dlc with gameplay content.

Completely support for a dlc with unit skins, but seperate them

Simple fix for that. Skins are client side only.


i think region units yes but for everyone. not in paid dlc

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Yes!I really want to divide some same unit but in different places like champions in Europe and in east Asia.If there is a mod that divides them,I must purchase and share with my friends.

I don’t think regional skins for barrack, stable and archery range units is a good idea. These “generic” units should all look the same for easy identifiability.
The only exception for the generic units are the monks. We have already two different skins and monks are a really distinguishable unit anyway. So I would be a great thing to have 5 skins like the for trade cart.
But for the rest: please no.

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New music thematically related to the DLC would be really cool. Age 2 is known for its legendary soundtrack, why not expand on it? :slight_smile:


I think you can still design skins that look the same, whether through silhouettes or other easier identifiers (such as Monk staff, Trade Carts).

But if it’s also tied to a purely-cosmetic DLC, you can also not get it, or perhaps have some of the features toggle-able (for example, accept regional skins for Villagers/Monks, but not for common military units).

I think to also justify a full DLC price, they could give each existing civ unique castles (with the current regional castle going for the most suitable one it’s designed after, maybe?). This is something that has been requested heavily too.

I don’t think you’ll need to attach gameplay content to it, and for Multiplayer purposes you can make it client-side to prevent any issues. I’d heavily request the options to also toggle the features on/off, since if I decide I want to play with vanilla skins, that should be an option too without uninstalling the DLC or w/e.

Music can also be added of course! Isn’t the current soundtrack on Steam already outdated?


I recall somebody mentioned the idea of Asian civs like Japan getting Hussars with Sashimono flags instead of wings, which I think fits the idea.

Still, I agree with the points that DLC is the better option, purists can ignore it and the devs can get some money from it to keep working on balance and support


I was saying earlier somewhere else that it should be client side and they can honestly use the assets from the scenario editor. I’d be down too for the Indian route of making new units to replace generic units for non-European civilization but the first would be better in my opinion.

Just wanted to highlight that adding more varied game skins is not costly or difficult. Many units in the game already share some part of their skins. See these African hero and Indian hero skins. The horses are exactly the same, just the model rider differs and I’m sure there are other shared skins in part. We need the devs to add more for the heroes for a start not using UU models… Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Saladin, Babur and others need real distinct skins.

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Honestly I don’t get why this sin’t already implemented. cmon devs justs put it in already, there is no reason not to. And make it a toggleable feature, so anyone who doesn’t like it can just turn it off.


Those West African skins are so cool

Been wanting regional skins for a while now. I know it would need to be really carefully handled so as to not lose the recognizability of certain units, but hey… if they could manage such, hell yeah. I’d buy that for a dollar!

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I hope they expand what they have done with trade carts to other civillian units. Monks would be pretty easy to add variants to while keeping readability.

Villagers would be good too. Skin colour and hair at least but clothing would be great.

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this pretty much

also i would be fine if the new skins would just affect villagers if that saves worktime as i think it would already make quite the difference


Look at these beautiful units that will never see the light of day for most players unless they’re playing with the scenario editors. These beauties need to be seen but client side.


I don’t think it would be so hard. They can be really subtle. Like change the shape of swords and shields. I am sure people would get used to whatever they add.

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Yea exactly. And honestly even if they didn’t want to go through the trouble of making it themselves, just give the client the ability to insert whatever unit skin they want for whatever unit and just have it client side. I am sure there is enough units in the scenario editor alone to facilitate this.


Definitely needs to be clothes as well or just leave it. It would be more weird to see European clothing but black skin for example for African civs.

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SEA man at arms
SEA champion
SEA archer
SEA two handed swordsman

These are screengrabs from Kingdom of War 2 which is free on Youtube. I really want a Thai civilization and would love these to the Southeast Asian skins if they ever implement them. After seeing the Bohemians, Czech and Indian splitting, anything is possible at this point.

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