New DLC idea. The Siege of Vienna (1683)

Hi wololo-heads. I’m currently really enjoying AOE3:DE and I had a thought about a new DLC that could be themed around the Siege of Vienna (Second Ottoman attempt to capture Vienna, 1683).

As for new civs I think the below would be perfect:

  • Austrians
  • Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Ottomans and Hungary as well as the Habsburg Monarchy (Germans) are already in the game which is also perfect

I can’t see a better RTS game that could include this legendary historical event and allow players to take control of the armies of the Holy League.
Dear devs, please make this happen. Let the Winged Hussars arrive once more!


A dev has said it twice that they won’t split Germans to Austrians/Prussians, Best chance goes to Danes paired with Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

But as usual most believe that the next DLC is Asian.

as said, the german faction is already largely austrian (see doppelsoldner). a slightly altered germans+poles would already enable one to make a credible battle of vienna.

The last DLC actually added a siege of Vienna map. Great Turkish war it is called iirc.

I didn’t know that as I don’t own any DLCs (yet). I have only checked the list of civs and revolutionary nations. I shall indulge myself in this scenario asap.

as a side note, there are a couple of native sites representing the PLC. and these include the winged hussars.

That’s true, in fact I did the article on the aoe wiki…

I think the most epic portrayal of the Battle of Vienna would be playing the Austrians bravely defending themselves against the Ottomans. The task of the Austrians would be to defend Vienna until the arrival of Jan Sobieski with the Winged Hussars. When they come to the rescue, the Austrian player gains control of the Winged Hussars and must eliminate the Ottomans.

Of course, with cinematics and everything, but as the historical map is currently, I’m not complaining either… they just need to add the Poles…

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