New DLC next year?

This can be completely irrelevant for some of you guys. AoE III got a new civ.

I personally don’t know much about AoE III. But I’m sure AoE II is the king of expansions/DLCs in the franchise.

Also note that -

  1. AoE III got USA civ, AoE II got LoTW
  2. AoE III got African Royals, AoE II got DoTD

We can’t just sit here without a new DLC. We need another one and I think now it’s the time…


I think we don´t need more civs right now. Think about it, there aren´t resources available to create more civs and campaigns, just european civs, is this what the players want? For how long this will continue? We used to have more civs each DLC, now only 2. They should have reduced the number a long time ago. In one year (if we don´t move to AoE IV) we will have like 50 civs, is that good for the game? I hope they implemment more things, game modes,… or Aoe 2 will die soon.


It is likely to happen I think. The next thing is probably going to be a LOTW/DOTD style DLC focusing on either South Asia/Africa/America or Caucasus.


What do you suggest? A riot in Microsoft HQ? Cheez… go play the f*** game…

It is hard capped at 48 civs.

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Are you serious?
word limit


At the bottom of the lengthy and latest Update 56005, they said that the game will continue to be developed and there are many news they are going to share with us in a roadmap. So I expect them to announce new DLC when the roadmap is revealed.

Most likely, we’re getting an India DLC. Chances are smaller for Caucasus DLC or an Asia DLC (Tibet+Jurchen for example).

I would sort of prefer a final European DLC with Serbocroats and Wallachians just to finish with Europe and move on to other continents permanently, but that’s just me. A new India or Caucasus DLC would be just as good for my tastes.


new civs kept the game alive not new modes


I think we may see a new dlc in early 2022


In the latest patch, the developers said that:
We’re planning to support Age II: DE for a long, long time, and will soon be able to share an exciting roadmap, with some genuinely awesome reveals coming in the months ahead! - stay tuned and WOLOLO! *

i could imagine that there will be at least 1 new expansion among the new announcements. the two expansions have sold very well ^^ … why should they stop now if the game is to be supported for several years. Of course, it depends on how many people play it.


I disagree. I think we can still add at least 5. And if we have so unorthodox bonuses like DE civs, maybe even more.

I guess not. I’m hoping for non-European civ. But unpopular opinion - As long as a civ is fun and unique to play with, I don’t care much about from what region it came.

That is because of money inflation. Also DE is a far superior game compared to HD. On top of that, you got all the DLC of HD for free when you bought DE.

Wait, why you have to move to AoE IV. If you enjoy this game, you can stick to it. Doesn’t look like MS wants to close its support to AoE2 or AoE3 at all.

Never thought that. Sounds good. Let’s go to MS HQ together. 11111111111111

Yeah, exactly.


Adding 5 would mean once dlc will have 3 or 1 civi.unless once civi is free like the aoe3 americans.

I said at least and also if that’s only if bonuses are mainstream. I’m fine with 3+2 too. A free civ for AoE2 is highly unlikely.

AoE III had 14 civs before DE, it took untill DE for 2 new civs.

Now with all DLC’s since the Asian Dynasties AoE III only got 6 new civs.

AoE II had dlc’s since its hd version on steam. Since then it has gotten 21 new civs. Since DE it has gotten 8.

You are not being left out, just be patient. AoE II already has a lot of civs and you can only add so much new civ bonusses and unique units.


Aoe3 also isn’t as popular as aoe2 so it isn’t surprising that aoe2 is getting a lot more support.


Civ design is also a factor here. You can’t fit as many civ as AoE2 in AoE3 as civs in AoE2 are mostly symmetrical while AoE3 civs are asymmetrical.

I’m patient. But AoE2 were left out in the past by OG Ensemble Studio. They released 2 expansions for AoE3 while AoE2 only got 1. Thanks to FE, we got 3 more expansions later. Right now, at this moment one can also say AoE3 is getting more expansions than AoE2 despite being released later. This is the 3rd expansion AoE3 is having while we’re patiently waiting for the announcement of 3rd expansion for AoE2. Although one can easily argue that only African Royals was the expansion and USA and Mexico are just new civ addition, not an expansion.


Do you know why the Mayans don´t have a campaign in the game? Just compare european campaigns with the other continents.

That is a stupid logic we have a made up campaign for cumans in game already.There are plenty of properly recorded history around the world to make scenarios.

I never said it wasnt. I simply stated that AoE III didnt get that many new civs and nowadays its usually only 1 civ in an expansion with now also Mexico.

Relativly its still pretty balanced how much support both games get. But dont act like AoE III fanbase is 15 times smaller because it isnt.

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Asian dynasties was primarily made by Big Huge Games, not by Ensable studios itself.

Not to mention that AoE II started with more civs and got 5 civs in one dlc. So even then its pretty balanced between the two games.

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