New Dlc Options

Which missing faction You prefer the most?

  • Tarascans
  • Iroquois
  • Vlachs
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Swiss
  • Venetians
  • Nubians
  • Zimbabwe
  • Tibet
  • Kievan Rus
  • Novgorod Republic
  • Grand Duchy of Moscow
  • Tai
  • Other

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Which potential Dlc You prefer the most?

  • African Dlc
  • Western Europe Dlc
  • Asian Dlc
  • Rus Dlc
  • Caucasian Dlc
  • American Dlc
  • Other

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For first question, many civs are missing - esp. African ones -, on the other hand Rus, Moskow, Novgorod are basically in the game


This poll feels so biased towards adding extra Slavic civs. There are already 7 civs using that architecture, and the Slavs are basically the Rus. You have very few few African civs, and only two Asian civs, nothing like the Jurchen included.


Kievan Rus, Novgorod Republic, Grand Duchy of Moscow were all founded by the same people, the Rus, in the game called Slavs. So no need for any of them.


No need to make this kind of poll every month.


Tibet is a must for 20 char

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Slavs should be removed and replaced by unique Kievan Rus.

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How would you change the civ?

Unique units , technologies , buildings and own campaign about history of Kievan Rus.

So post a good civ idea thread instead of demanding others to do it for you! Chop chop.


What you want is already covered with the slavs.


i will be specific:

Priority: Africa DLC with: Kongo, Shona (Zimbabue) and Swahilli states. Maybe Beninese and Songhai

Second: Americas DLC with: Missisipians, Chimú and Muisca/Tarascans

Third: East Asia DLC: Thais, Tibetans and Jurchens

4th: Caucasus DLC: Armenians, Georgians, Gotürks

5th: German DLC: Swiss, Sweden and Teuton split to: Bavarians and Saxons

6th: Mediterranean DLC: (Spanish to Castillians), Aragonese, Venetians and Serbs


Tai are south east asian.

I know, but they are still a good option.


This way we reinforce the popularity of (not) adding Venetians and further splitting Italy

Also, let’s see if the Swiss are that popular

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Can’t the Kongo, Shona and Swahilli civilizations just all be represented by a Bantu civilization? However, I would especially like Georgians, Tibetans and Swiss

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In a poll, yes. In the game, it would be a big blob like Forgotten Slavs and Indians.


By your logic we should have globulins Germanic peoples civ for all the civs of Germanic origin. You are very intelligent.


I agree with the addition of Swiss civ, Swedes civ, Bavarians civ and Saxons civ,
Teutons civ should remain Teutons civ unchanged!


Teutons are good as they are. Though, wouldn’t adding saxons be a split of the teutons? Unless you are talking about the saxons who invaded England, along with Jutes and Angles and not the saxons of Saxony duchy

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