What do you guys think about a CIV-DLC until christmas? Is there any more content coming, because the complete version came out. Will the game be supported in future?

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there will be no civ dlc before christmas, they announced a big update for spring as the next thing happening. maybe there will be a dlc in spring, but not sooner


We’ll have something new next year


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the skin pack is technically a new DLC xD


Where is that from?

Edit: Nevermind. I found it. Hopefully, that news is DLC related. we already know about the spring update.


The Complete edition indicates, there is no more content coming. The developers said, they haven been working on all Age titles, even though Age 4 came out. That sounds like a excuse not no provide any updates in the future. What do you guys think about it.

nah, yo no pierdo la esperanza de un brasil, una persia e inclusive una corea en el aoe 3 con que este juego tenga unas 26 o 28 facciones yo lo veria completisimo (aunque con las 22 actuales no me quejo ni un poco)

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Someone didn’t read the announcement that in a few months there would be another big patch like the one we just had.

I would be disappointed if they don’t add Argentina, Brazil, Great Colombia, the Tehuelches and the Mapuches.

South America feels very depopulated and very underrepresented, it is also a priority since the game is about the colonization of the continent and it is the last part of the continent that remains to be completed.

I can only think of 3 dlc that can be implemented

The South American Revolution
With the Argentine confederation and the Brazilian empire

(changes to all the revolutions of Spain, possible addition of Uruguay and Paraguay)
edit: i refer to paraguay and uruguay as revolutions of argentina and brazil not of spain

the legions of asia
Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines

“The Middle Eastern Kingdoms”
Persians, Byzantines, Syrians


There are some details that could indicate that they want to add these civilizations, but I wouldn’t risk to say for sure.

They did not eliminate the revolution version of Mexico and the US, I do not think they will change the existing revolutions. :laughing:

Note: I would love for them to be upgraded to the same level as the French Revolution.

con excepción de los bizantinos los demas son plausibles en aparecer (aunque quien sabe quizas agreguen a los bizantinos como una civ de broma o easter egg)

I have an idea and it is that for revolutionary countries that lasted a long time without changes, the system of revolutionary France is used

Example: Chile, Romania, Finland, Egypt and Canada

But for those who suffered a drastic change, the same mechanics of Mexico>Yucatan>Mayas are used

Example : Hungary = Austro Hungary Empire

Peru = Peru-Bolivian Confederation

For those that could be used both would be Gran Colombia, Haiti and the United States

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Guys, in my opinion a Patch has some cismetics, balance changes and new maps and does not content any Civs. What your opinion?

Which I hope you are wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry, we are just speculating about future content.

It’s too soon for any major new content. People are still getting used to the most recent DLC civs and changes.