New eco friendly game mode

Because who wants more trash units?

I know many ppl will raise eyebrows at this coz this is their style of play but I personally get brain damage from the continuous streams of halbs and hussars and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

My though is maybe a game mode where you have a stricter population limit (maybe 50) and start with more resources to compensate for the lack of villagers.

I’m not sure but I think this could be fun to play for some as it changes some of the focuses to the fighting than economy expansion and taps more into the strategy of finding suitable unit counters rather than just spamming cheap units in late game.

Okay, let the backlash begin :rofl:

I’m not sure this is what you’re after but try ‘infinite resources’ lobby. No eco to worry about, you pick your absolute best units and counters… BUT… it is a very fast game mode basically who can make the most production buildings fastest.

The lower pop of 50 would help, could be fun. Though be aware it’ll be hard to end the game since 50 units won’t really be able to take down every building faster than they can produce new units and build new buildings.

It’s just a really stressful game mode of panic and then slow almost endless grind until you give in.

EDIT: maybe you’d want a mod with just infinite gold but not infinite Food/Wood/Stone… but then also no market use?

Would be a very micro heavy gamemode considering all armies are small

Is this a suggestion to put death match in the game? You start with lots of resources. It is already a game mode. So I don’t really understand the suggestion…

Many other games have something like an “Arcade” / “fun” / “limited time” matchmaking mode in which you find a “ruleset” for the game which changes (for example) on a weekly basis.

I was always hoping for something like this to come to AoE2. I think it would be fun to have a new kind of experience let’s say about every two weeks (when the maps change for ranked). This could be Deathmatch, Battle Royal, Wonder Race, Sudden Death, or other new rulesets like you described…

In my opinion this matchmaking should use the solo rank ELO BUT do not change it ( 0 ELO won or lost).
Instead you should get something like a “badge” or “record” at the end of the two weeks which states how successful you were.


You can play custom lobbies with whatever parameters you want, including 50pop (or whatever the minimum is) and infinite resources.

Not really infinite resources, just more at the beginning so you can build a viable economy without making three TCs. I actually envision these games to be shorter as there is less incentive to go late game.

Think of it as something in between. Not as extreme as DM.

You could try to play on Socotra.

Even on DM gold runs out in the end…

People suggests infinity resource mods. Changing the starting res so they fit your preference should be possible as well. So make you own mod and play with that. I don’t really think it will be very popular, so there is no need to make it into an official game mode.

From what you’re describing it sounds like DM but starting in Dark Age. Competitively this won’t work out how you want it to. If you start with High (not infinite) resources in Dark Age, what happens is you ignore collected res, build your 2 buildings asap and age up to castle + imp as fast as possible. Buildin loads of military buildings along the way and spamming units you can upgrade. You’ll still build 3 or often more TCs when you hit castle so you can pump out more vills to build more military buildings + castles etc. It’s a lot more fast paced and stressful and much less about counters as who can mass the most units, age up, and get upgrades fastest.

In this game mode you’ll spend all your res as fast as possible to out mass your opponent, and then you’re left trying to manage an army AND set up eco.

The only thing working if your favour would be the 50 pop limit, but it’s still going to be a mad dash to hit pop limit and still plenty of vills needed since castles + towers are great and don’t take up pop space.

If you want me to show you I’d happily play High Res, dark age start, even 50 pop limit if you like.

I think what might suit you better is just more casual slow paced games.

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None of this requires a mod it’s all easy to change in the lobby settings. Pop, starting age, starting res, tubo mode even.

I’ve always wanted a setting that lets you change how much gold/stone is in each node. Its not quite like having high resources as you still have to extract it but I think it would be fun to have longer lasting nodes for big free for alls.

It is possible to do this via Random Map Scripts I believe. It’s certainly possible in a specific scenario via triggers:

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Also enhanced resourses mod does this, tho you wont be able to tune the exact amount.

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It looks like he want just another tweak, which isnt possible yet.

Found this online in case it helps for random map scripts.

  create_object GOLD {
    number_of_objects rnd(5,7)
    resource_delta rnd(-200,300)

In this example we’re generating a gold mine with 5-7 tiles of gold, then specifying that each tile should be set to between -200 and +300 the standard amount (800 gold). Note that resource_delta is the same for each generated tile – ie, the individual tiles in the mine will start with identical quantities of gold, with the starting quantity between 600 and 1100 gold.