New embassy building idea

The embassy replaces the Native Embassy for all civilisations besides the Asian ones (they have the consulate). Also the USA will keep their Fort and Legion mechanic.

The embassy can be used with new cards than enable foreign units to be trained. In the case of Natives also Mercenaries.
Units from minor civilisations are trained there too.
Native units now upgrade automatically like consulate units or one technology that upgrades all Embassy units.

The downside of the Embassy is that it has a building limit. Maybe the units unlocked by HC cards also have a training limit like Natives.

The cards should maybe also be limited to Age4.



  • Indian Gurkha
  • Portuguese Cassador


  • Haudenosaunee Mantlet or Tomahawk


  • French Cuirassier
  • Barbery Skirmisher


  • Polish Hussar
  • Spanish? Musketeer
  • Hungarian Grenzer, Hussar or Gernadier


  • Finish Skirmishers
  • Hungarian Hussar


  • German or Finish Skirmisher
  • Dutch Ruyter


  • Dutch Halberdier
  • French Cuirassier


  • US Sharpshooters or Gatling Gun


  • Spanish Rodelero, Lancer or even Falconet


  • Spanish Rodelero, Lancer or even Falconet
  • Peruvian Guard
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This would make several cards like Blood Brothers, pointless.
The reason why you have to upgrade native units (and the upgrades are cheaper than normal unit upgrades) is because even though they are limited in number, Native units are stronger than normal variants, most of the time.
I think the unit upgrades should stay, to be honest.

Natives are an underused feature in the game.
They are rarely used in Supremacy at all and only really useful in Treaty.

My idea with the new Embassy building is to basically add a minor civilisation version of each major civilisation (the Natives that used to be Minor civilisations but got upgraded into major ones get a reworked minor version) with 2 units (I’d say Fortress Age skin unlike the Consulate units that have the Industrial Age skin) but no unique technologies.
Those are available for some other civilisations through Home City cards. (Also in the Editor as TC sockets)
Those units are tagged as native units but keep their normal stats and costs but 0 population cost. So they benefit from HC cards that improve natives.

The upgrades for minor civilisation units are combined in one big upgrade for each age making it more viable to ally with multiple minor civilisations.

The HC card that unlocks one or more civilisations also ships an Embassy Wagon, some of those units or improves Native Warriors.
For example Age 2 card unlocks one civilisation and ships an Embassy Wagon while Age 3 card unlocks two civilisations and improves attack and hitpoints of all Native Warriors by 10%.

Possible units:


  • Longbow or Hussar
  • Musketeer

For Germans


  • Ruyter
  • Halberdier

For Haudenosaunee and Germans


  • Cuirassier
  • Skirmisher or Grenadier

For Haudenosaunee, Ottomans and United States


  • Doppelsöldner
  • War Wagon

For Swedes, Russians and Dutch


  • Janissary
  • Cavalry Archer

For French


  • Cassador
  • Dragoon

For British


  • Strelet
  • Cossack
  • Oprichnik

For Swedes


  • Lancer
  • Pikeman or Rodelero

For Atzecs and Inca


  • Jaguar Knight or Eagle Knight
  • Arrow Knight

For Lakota, Inca and Spanish


  • Tomahawk
  • Mantlet

For Lakota, French and Dutch


  • Bow Rider or Rifle Rider
  • Tokala Soldier

For Aztecs and French


  • Arquebusier
  • Hand Mortar

For Indians, Russians and maybe Aztecs (AoE3 campaign)


  • Gurkha
  • Howdah or Flail Elephant

For British and Dutch


  • Samurai
  • Yabusame

For Chinese and Dutch


  • Bolas Warrior
  • Huaraca

For Aztecs and Spanish


  • Carolean
  • Leather Cannon

For Russians and Germans

United States

  • Minuteman (work like US Minuteman and can be called again after global cooldown)
  • Gatling Gun

For Japanese, French and maybe Lakota

Some general considerations:

  • Don’t give civilisations units they already have (British Musketeers for Portugal)
  • Give civilisations units they are missing like Musketeers for the Germans or a Skirmisher for the British
  • Make units available that are typical for a civilisation (Like Royal Guard units)
  • Make interesting units available like Minuteman or Hand Mortar
  • Give Native Americans other Native Americans instead of just Europeans
  • Maybe make this feature not available for Asians because they already have the Consulate or just don’t give them Europeans.
  • The new African civilisations need to be included too of course.

Please, add BigCards for Tribes Embassy.

This basically makes it useless to pick a civ if everyones unique unit is available to everyone.

You can basically just pick Germans for very good eco and ally France to make gendarmes.


Isnt this basically what mercenaries are supposed to do? Filling a gap in your unit line up.

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