New event sounds too subtle

Maybe I still need to get used to them, but I’m finding the new event sounds like being attacked, flares and specific attacks like cannons to be too subtle. The overall effect is that the game seems less dramatic, and in some ways, less intense and fun.

Is the any way to change these? Does anyone feel the same way?


Yeah i agree.
Especially with the cannon sounds. I allways loved playing with hand cannoneer’s so i am very disapointed they started using blow guns instead.


An old/classic sounds mod/option (only sounds though, not the OST/background music or maybe a separate option for them too) is really needed!!
I find it quite hard to adjust to the new DE sound effects and alerts and I often find myself missing the alerts and in-game notifications causing me to lose track of important things in the game. Not having informative alerts and sound effects is affecting gameplay. I think making it an option in the settings or a mod will really help all the players in not just the eye candy (or should I call it ear candy here? :stuck_out_tongue:) aspect but also from a competitive perspective, this option will help players who can’t get used to the new sounds in ranked matches. Please do consider adding such an option to the game and,

Thank you for your time in reading my post!

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In the middle of a game, with various sounds and alarms, i almost never notice the chat message sound, i’ve missed the opponent’s gg multiple times thinking he just resigned and left, then i go to the stat screen and see his gg…

is there a mod or an easy way to change the chat notification sound ?


see title. I seriously dont get how a wolf deserves a louder attack signal than 40 xbows attacking my economy.


It’s not. There are three different alarm sounds. One where your military units get attacked by the enemy, one where your buildings and/or villagers get attacked and one where somebody gets attacked by an animal.

The loudest one is the second one as it basically means that your base is under attack.

Edit: Terrible job of the mod who merged these posts. Context of teutonictanks’ post and my answer got completely lost.