New Explorer Skins Requirements

Did anyone miss the Aztec Queen or whatever the new one is? I played a ton of matches and went to sign in today and nope, not allowed to have her. How does this actually work? I’m super salty over this. I thought today was the last day but I guess not, guess I missed her while I was at work. Sure hope she comes up again in the rotation.

Again, what are the requirements? Do we just need to sign in once a day? Do we have to play an actual match? I am ultra confused.

200,000 people had to play the game and anyone who would participated would have unlocked her. But the 200,000 goal was not reached.

OH Is that why!? So the bar was too high lmao.

And what does it mean to participate? Do you literally get counted once, and once only. Like what are the actual requirements, just signing in once, counts? If you play a match, does that count? If you play 5 matches in a week, does that mean the number goes up 5, or are you only 1 person, like 1 vote?

Pretty sure it’s just play one game. The bar was to high, but we got amazingly close.

Yeah, so no one got her at all? And yes, I agree, the bar is way too high. I was super looking forward to trying her.

So wait, if no one got her, then devs made a character and gave her animation and voice clips for nothing, because no one can use her lol.

She’ll come back in the future. Just maybe in a skin pack like they’ve done before.

I wish the others would come back too, like straight up, I’d pay for them. They’d make me play the game more lol.

Though I’m still waiting for that Qing dynasty official, who’s walking around the Chinese home city (thus, has a model) to become an explorer skin.


Si septiembre tuviera 31 días si llegábamos. Solo nos faltaban 5000 jugadores.

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Estaba dificil,igual…pasa que necesitamos mas jugadores…

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