New farming bonus idea

While watching the SotL video on Saracens and he mentioned that farms essentially cost 6 wood per minute, it got me to think…

What if we had a bonus that makes farms free, but when a villager works on them, they take wood off of your stockpile?

Essentially making the farm a “loan” instead of an investment.

And in this case the farming upgrades would decrease the amount of wood that is required for the upkeep of the farm, starting at, whatever the number is without Horse Collar, and ending with about a third of that value in imp after Crop Rotation.

It would be an interesting interaction for sure.


I think we had comparable concepts already with unique bonusses like training sheep in mills or TCs.
I see a problem with your concept and farm sling.

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Actually this idea seems very good. Assuming a farm costs X w/min, X = (farm cost)/(time to collect all the f in a farm) a farmer can just remove X w/min.

This would be very useful especially for dropping the first farms. Less useful in the late stages but solid in the beginning.

I would reccomend it as a buff for civs with a slow start (Spanish, Italians, Portuguese…)

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Interesting indeed. As long as it is balanced I have no problem with that.

Shouldn’t this be related to wheelbarrow and handcart instead?

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problems with this:
-it allows for switching into farms super easy. Compare:
standard civ suddenly wants to make a tech switch into hussars, wants 30 extra vils on farms. this costs 1800 wood
this fantasy civ: this is free (albeit there is a wood-cost later), this kind of flexibility would be incredibly broken
-what happens when you reach 0 wood? (say you are repairing a TC or something) suddenly all your farms expire and you need to rebuild them?
-you can cover the entire map with buildings for vision and blocking building space, for free

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Probably you can set something in the middle. Farms cost less (say 60%) but you spend a little wood farming.

This slows down the easy start (the main problem) but does not answer to the 0w event

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That can be easily fixed by making farms unusable by your allies.


No, because HC, HP and CR are the ones impacting the “wood to food” ratio you get out of a farm.

Only in feudal and then your limiting factor would be your amount of villagers. Sure, it will be strong, but I don’t think broken by any means. Think of it like a more upfront Teuton bonus.

Good question. The villagers stop working, until wood is available. As soon as wood is available, the vil starts working again. Besides, once you “pay” the upfront 1 wood for about 10 seconds of farming, the farm won’t expire until then, solving the issue of multiple farms expiring at the exact same time.

Yeah, but Teutons kinda have that with the cheaper farms. With a big more brainstorming this could be turned into a viable idea that’s not broken, especially in early feudal.

Ig you could make it a fish trap bonus instead? This way no griefing is possible, and fish traps aren’t as required as farms are on land map so it’s harder to break.

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You could realistically make fish traps free and they still won’t be broken (a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point), it’s a whole different discussion with them.

no, this would be incredibly powerful when dropping new TCs. you can instantly send enough vils to free farms to resume villager production from new TCs. A civ like this could out-boom all other civs

Shouldn’t WB and HC are still need to be consider to figure out how fast your stockpile burns wood? Or you just make it 60/175, 60/250, 60/375 and 60/550 wood?

Excellent point. How about the civ doesn’t have horse collar to begin with? So you will lose 1 wood per roughly 3 food collected from farm but farms are still free?


  • a farm costs X w/min, X = (farm cost)/(time to collect all the f in a farm)
  • bonus part1: farm cost less, say y%
  • bonus part2: farmers spend (1-y) X to work

For instance, a farm costs 20w but you spend 40w along the “life” of a farm

You can actually computer the right amount from farm cost and vill collection rate…

That was my idea for Incas 60/42/28/19