New fem and male villager bonus based on 0ad

0ad is another amazing RTS, similar to age of empires but with some new concepts. In that game you can create female or male villagers. They can do the same stuff but with different efficiency. So I come with this bonus idea for another civ.

Also, checking the bonus villagers from my civs, usually they receive a 10%, 20% or 25% bonus depending of the work done. Slavs have a 10% in farming, British Shepard’s have 25%, this is because in the whole game farming is more important than sheep’s.

Said that, this is the bonus.
This civ can create male and female villagers independently. The town center has two specific icons for that.
-Male villagers have a 5% bonus in wood chopping, hunting, mining, and fishing.
-Female Villagers have a 5% in farming, “sheeping”, and foraging.
Maybe, one of the villagers could have a 5% bonus in building. Or maybe, male villagers could build militar buildings a 5% faster, while female villagers build the economic buildings a 5% faster.

I don’t know which civ could fit for this bonus. I think it could be balanced. You have, in general, better working villagers, but you need to micromanage them better to obtain the best of their bonus. This could affect the build orders at the beginning of the game.

Also, with this civ, if you double click a villager, you only select the villagers of the gender of the villager you are clicking. If you triple click, you select all villagers on screen.

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Man, it’s 2020. Ask yourself for a moment. Do you REALLY want to start something like this?
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^^^^ this

and it adds too much complexity and even moar micro imo…

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I think it would be a funny civ to play. And i am not considering any side weaker or stronger . I would like to listen the opinion of female players, though

For me, it seems to me you would have more male vils than female. In xbow pushes, for instance, your economy would go full wood and gold.
Instead of having an balance of 50/50 male/female (in an perfect statistical world), you would unconsciously have more women or men, simply to get the most of the civ bonus.

But i really like the idea of focusing your raids on the act of slaughtering the enemy female population. Ok, that sounded very wrong. But well, rape is 100% historical, as any other war crime — unless you win the 1v1, then it’s ok.

In the end, i agree with phoenix1089. Not a good idea.

I didn’t think on the 50% ratio. Maybe some of the bonus should be redistributed to achieve that.

In 0ad, female villagers work better in everything, and make male villagers (and maybe the soldiers, but I don’t remember) around them working better, but female villagers have a weak attack and defense. In fact, at the begining of the game, the couldn’t attack at all (only the Spartan female villagers could attack), but after some complains they gave them some attack, even if weak. In that game, slaughtering the enemy female population is a reality. To do that in aoe2, I could just say that loom doesn’t benefit female villagers, but instead it makes them work 5% faster on everything, so you can decide between a normal economy or a faster one but weaker to enemy. But I figure that no one likes this, that is why I just focused on different economic bonuses

That game have other differences. Soldiers can work for resources but with very low efficiency, but at least they do something while protecting the wood lines. Also, they can help building but with low efficiency. And there are some specific militar building that have to be produced, at the beginning, by soldiers, once they are produced you can task villagers to finish the building. I don’t think that people care about the 50% in that game, as many players prefer the weaker female villagers.

So, they changed it?
When i played 0 a.d., the female gather rates where incredibly lower than soldier’s gather rate in almost everything — save for few food sources (in farms, i think, where men gathered just a bit slower). Some resources literally took 3 women to gather the same as a male soldier.

What made women villagers useful, at least when i played, was their price. They were expendable af, considering their cost and training time compared with soldiers. IDK if it changed, and if it did, then i have no say on the matter.

well, i dont know the precise details, you may be more right than me. but i still<like the differences between units

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