New Flamethrower unit?


From this screen shot we can see grass on fire… From this Im guessing we will be getting a new flamethrower unit, I may be wrong

First thing comes to my mind is Naffatun, A incendiary bomb used by Ayubids during the crusades. This thing comes to mind cause the ss is taken from Saladin campaign… You can see saladin charging through flame towards templar in the corner of the image. Another reason is a game called Ancestor Legacy already used this unit in saladin campaign… So devs could take some ideas from them to design the campaigns. This will be a great addition to Abbasids.

A Naffatun bomb

Naffatuns in Ancestor Legacy

My second guess is , and everyone knows it, Byzantine Flame thrower. I dont think I have to say anything about it. If they add Byzantines they should add this unit

I think one of primary use of Flame units is to set grasses on fire so that units cant hide


To me this looks like the Greek fire used by the eastern roman empire aka the byzantines.


In my opinion, this is the most appropriate time to add Byzantines civ to AoE 4.


Anyone analysed the unit in the bottom left corner yet.
Is that a unit that is already in the game?
Is is something new? What historical unit is is based on?
Seems to be a Spearman.

Yes, we’ve seen Greek fire in the franchise before with the Byzantines, such as the Cheirosiphon unit. This looks correct. Great observations above.


Historical Enthusioasts here,

Was the greek fire used in this form of “field flamethrower” actually? In any recorded battles?

While it was mainly used in water and naval battles it also was used on main land as well i believe.

Obviously not comparable with modern flame throwers.
So the image you quoted is fantasy.

Probably about as much as camel cavalry haha. I much prefer these kinds of loose interpretations in this franchise though. Ground us in history but let gameplay drive the bus. Fun is good.


Well, I am very sceptical about that :smiley: that is why I am asking here

I don’t know why anyone uses terminology like Byzantium or Eastern Roman Empire, the empire you are talking about is the Roman Empire all other names are the product of revisionism and later politics nothing to do with middle ages


Don’t pretend that you don’t “know” about the other names haha. Your preferred name is certainly a very good choice. But reasonable minds can disagree.


The image in your post also looks like fantasy. Where is the fuel tank? A gun cannot just spew fire out of nothing.

don’t worry about unrealistic mechanics in aoe — the priests who say wololo carry extra fuel canisters for when their buddies run out.

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I didn’t say that to correct anyone, nor do I think that I know more about it than others, with what I said I just meant to say that it is a big material mistake and revisionism of the importance that country had (I’m not Greek, I’m just speaking from the point of view of historical facts).
to trivilise if half of America survived in an invasion with intact uninterrupted continuity, and if it was towards the Pacific coast, it would not be called the eastern USA but the USA thats all not mine preferred name though


Yes I agree with you and believe that “The Romans” would be in almost all cases the best name for the Eastern Roman Empire in this game.

However, I’ve got some problems with the names of a couple of launch civs and believe that those names screwed up the game in more ways than one.

At risk of sounding pedantic, for 25 years we’ve done just fine around here with every faction using a naming convention of “the Xs” (the Greeks, the English, the Babylonians, etc.). Civs are people and not geopolitical entities.

AoE4 Devs didn’t get that memo and created such abominations as the “Delhi Sultanate” and, fatal to this thread’s discussion, the “Holy Roman Empire”.

While the HRE should have always been named after the people (perhaps the Germans, or similar), sadly they weren’t. And now faced with that abomination, it would be rather confusing to have a second civ with a very similar name. (Not confusing to you or me or anyone else reading this far, but confusing to all those people who arent familiar with ancient history.)

So given that we have to live with that horrible HRE name, I would humbly suggest that a name other than the Romans would be in order.

(Sidetrack rant: why did they even waste their time making the stupid HRE if they were just going to give them the same damn units as everyone else and create the world’s most uninspired civ ever? They shouldn’t even be allowed to claim they are even a civ. If you make 7 pasta sauces and serve an 8th plate of pasta without any sauce, you don’t get to say you sell 8 kinds of pasta.)


Two options:

  1. the depiction is wrong because the person actually didn’t see it and only heard about it being used
  2. It’s basically just a jar and only works for a few seconds.
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I agree the names they chose to go with are confusing people, and I bet the same will happen if they pick the name Eastern roman empire instead of the Byzantine empire. Too many roman is confusing and people tend to think its the same empire which its not. I’m afraid that they will misshandle the Byzantine empire and make them not historical accurate if they add them with this new expansion pack.

Third Option:

  • Byzantines knew about compressed gasoline.

I don’t think artists in the middle ages were known for skill and proportions.