New Gaelic Mercenary Units and Minor House of Stuart

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So one of these is a Scottish Redshank mercenary and the other is a Irish Gallowglass mercenary. Both were active well into the late into the 16th century and I’d love to see them added as units. I’d like to see the Redshank use a bow and in melee use the Scottish claymore (they were known to be prolific with both) and the Gallowglass wield either the sparth axe or Gallowglass sword (or alternating from one soldier to the other kinda like a few units in game) I think they would make a wonderful addition to the mercenary roster or soldier for a minor faction The House of Stuart. I’d love to see The House of Stuart get added to maps like Scotland and England to have a bit more Scottish representation in the game.

The 2 pictures of the Redshank are of reenactors showing gear from the late 1400s to early 1500s



Love it.

If you search for Redshanks on here, you’ll see that I’ve pushed and suggested them a lot, so I’m all for them.

Basically they could be a ‘variation’ of the Iron Troop.


That’s awesome! Yes, pretty much a “variation” of the Iron Troop. I’m not going to lie I don’t play as China very much so I don’t know much about Iron Troop but have used them a little bit. I’d like the Redshanks to be a pretty deadly in melee. I kinda want their bows to be able to be used for hit and run tactics and then go into melee with their claymore when the actual fight starts.

I’m glad someone else has been making it known they would make a great addition! Thank you for leaving a comment, I appreciate it! I’ll go check out your post!


I’d love to see more scotish representation!
I think the problem with the stuarts could be, that there are not many maps for them :confused:
Do u know some other areas in europe they played some role? maybe there are other fitting maps for them


Devs could add a revolution card “bonnie prince charlie/Jacobite uprising” like the belgian revolution for dutch. Reskinned revolutionaries or caroleans (for the charge) could be really neat


I’d also add reskinned Rodeleros - as Scottish Targeteers (armed with basket-hilt claymores and targe shields).


As my profile picture can tell, I am highly in favor of this !!!

Few things are more beautiful than a charge of gallowglasses… especially if it targets the british !


So I do see what you are saying about there being not that many maps for The House of Stuart, but I do think that since Bonny Prince Charlie spent most of his time in France and The House of Stuart had and great deal of political relation to France that adding them to all the French maps as well as the maps of Scotland, Ireland, and England would work great.

Especially since some of the treasures on the French maps actually have Scottish treasures, such as the bagpipes, the poem about Sir William Wallace, and Sir William Wallace’s silver belt buckle.

I do think that a Jacobite revolution would also be amazing!

Thank you for the great comment!


I would absolutely love to see those units as well! I not only think that they would be a unique unit in visual design but absolutely deadly in melee


Oh yes! I would love to use them in a historical battle against the English! I’d also like to use them used by French allies!

Thank you for the awesome comment!


A Battle of the Boyne scenario would capture Scots, Irish, Dutch, Danish, English and features many claymore and targe soldiers. It’d be quite the fun battle.


That’s sounds absolutely epic! I need that immediately!

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I really hope that people want to see these new units and the minor house. I want them in the game so bad.

I think that Redshanks would fit perfectly into the Azap unit class, as an archaic anti melee and ranged cav unit.

I also think that it would be cool to have a reference to Scotland’s Darien scheme which aimed to make colonies in Panama. This could be incorporated in the game as a research tech in the House of Stuart.


I haven’t used the Azap units very much but in basic function, yes. Although I would like to see the Redshanks be more melee oriented. I’m thinking something around the melee damage output of the German Doppelsoldner (maybe a touch less) and the ability to skirmish with their bows. But they would inflict their highest damage in melee.

As for the the Darien Scheme I absolutely love the idea. I think it’s brilliant!

Thank you for leaving a great comment!


What do think think about the Gallowglass?

Gallowglass could be very cool. However, I think they should be introduced along with the Irish Kern (a javelineer). Historically the two unit often operated in tandem with each other.


I love it! I was looking for a third unit to add and I completely forgot about the kern!!! Yes, that would be fantastic! And maybe they get some kind of buff if paired together? Like a slight attack or armor boost?

I think to balance this unit within the game I’d suggest it acts as a strong counter to all cavalry units but be weak against most other units.

Redshank stats I’d suggest:

Cost: 55 food + 45 wood

Hitpoints: 130
Melee resistance: 30%
Speed: 5

Melee attack: 11 (dealt by a two handed Claymore)
Area of effect: 1
Rate of fire: 1.5
Multipliers: x4 against hand cavalry / x3 against shock infantry / x0.66 against artillery

Range attack: 6 (dealt by a bow and arrow)
Attack range: 2-14
Rate of fire: 1.5
Multipliers: x5 against ranged cavalry / x3 against ranged shock infantry

Siege damage: 23
Attack range: 6
Rate of fire: 3

Redshanks should loose especially badly against musketeers, skirmishers and artillery.

This is just my opinion. It would need in game testing to balance the unit correctly. Dragoon type units would probably need a negative multiplier against them. What are you thoughts @Scottish_Pagan ??

I like the idea of the Gallowglass, but I’m not sure what weapon to depict them with. There are records of them wilding axes from their Norse roots so maybe that could be their weapon of choice in this context.

From the point of view within the game I’d probably cross them between a Doppelsoldner and a House of Wettin Trabant. Maybe to make their purpose more unique give them a high base damaged and hitpoints but no multipliers. Give them an aura that protects allied units slightly as well. And have them cost two pop

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