New Game Mode Idea, Revolution

Hi guys I have a Idea what if we would have a Revolution Game Mode?

We rarely see them in the game, expect Mexico, Argentina and SA.

What u guys think?


I would like to propose some ideas. :smile:

  1. I would like that in the menu we have the option to choose that the maximum age is a revolution.

  2. A “MOBA” style game mode using revs would be nice.

  3. A game mode where we start with the revolutions and we have to endure waves of enemies until the time runs out would be nice.


I like ur Idea.

Atleast the 1. should be sure in the game.


Thanks, I don’t understand why the developers didn’t add the option in the menu for revolutions to be the maximum age, it would be interesting for almost all game modes.


I come up with a new game mode. Revolution/War in Cities.

You are a general who has an important decision to make, you will join the revolution or try to crush it before it can start.

Players would start in a huge city, each player starts in a remote district and has to choose whether to join a revolution or stay as part of the old empire, players will have to conquer the districts to guarantee resources and units, all shipments of the metropolis are to get structures, resources or units and maybe some improvements for the economy.

The characteristics would be the following.

  1. The villagers do not occupy population and we can have a maximum of 100.
  2. Maps do not have treasures.
  3. All units lack upgrades and the only way to upgrade them is with the promotion skill. (Max 100% health and damage)
  4. The maximum population increases up to 300.
  5. The number of villagers we can create is tied to the number of urban areas we can conquer (“Native Outposts”) up to the maximum we already set.
  6. Shipments can only be sent to the “Initial Urban Center”.
  7. Players cannot destroy neutral buildings, but they can use them to produce resources.
  8. “Urban centers” are protected by very strong walls that can only be destroyed by artillery.
  9. There are no scouts only generals and they are the only units that can receive shipments apart from the “town center”.
  10. There is no limit of buildings in the same way you will only be able to build, Towers, Fortresses and Factories (they only give artillery).
  11. The resources are collected by the villagers but they are not able to build any buildings.
  12. The buildings are built by the general, with the only exception of the factories that are for shipments)
  13. Units only have a x0.50 bonus against unit they are strong.
  14. There must be 3 basic units (Musketeer, Guerrilla, Hussar) and a Special Unit.
  15. There are no ages we can only choose if we want to use a revolution or we stay with the origin nation (this decision is important to choose the special unit and to receive the initial resources and the initial units.
  16. There are only 3 types of artillery and they have a x5.00 bonus against units that are strong (they have a creation limit of 10 at a time and have no defense against anything (they share the limit).
  17. Units can only be created at trading posts in districts and artillery can only be created at factories.
  18. Units are created in battalions of 10 and artillery can only be created one at a time.
  19. All units cost 1 population and have exactly the same base stats.
  20. All artillery costs 0 population and has the exact same base stats.
  21. victory is achieved by destroying the enemy town center or conquering all districts.
  22. The city is divided into different districts that unlock the creation of villagers and military units, as long as we have a trading post in the district.
  23. Each initial district starts with a medical camp that provides surgeons that do not occupy population, up to a maximum of 20.
  24. District gates open regardless of who owns the district and cannot be broken, the only exception being the starting district (Starting districts have very strong walls).
  25. Generals can build fortresses at strategic points to improve chances of victory (fortresses cost 5000 of each resource).
  26. units have to be expensive to build and valuable in combat (be afraid of cannons :rofl:)
  27. Fortresses can only be destroyed by artillery.
  28. Districts can have neutral enemies that will attack us as soon as we get close.
  29. Revolutions have the revolutionary as a replacement for the musketeer (does not affect stats).
  30. Special units can only be obtained from fortresses and metropolis shipments.
  31. All civs in this game mode lack their bonuses, for example Germans don’t get Uhlans along with shipments and Italians don’t get villagers for every tech.
  32. in the coastal maps the caravels are the only vessel able to fight and collect maritime resources, it is limited to a maximum of 30 caravels and they do not occupy population.
  33. The monitor is the only ship capable of attacking fortresses at a safe distance, the monitor is limited to a maximum of 5 and costs no population.

Use of Units:
Musketeer: strong against Hussar.
Guerrilla: strong against Musketeer.
Hussar: strong against Skirmisher.

In the case of the base statistics of the three units, I don’t know how much health and damage they should have, perhaps it would be prudent for the units to have 150/200 health and 15/20 damage, but I leave it to the discretion of the developers or the Modders.

The special unit depends on the Civilization/Revolution.
Special Units: Examples:

Chile: Hussar of death.
In some cases special units are simply a variant of the original unit, but with improved base stats, for example the normal Hussar might have 200 health and 20 base damage, while the Death Hussar would have 300 health and 30 base damage.

Spain: Conqueror.
In other cases the unit is a mounted variant of an existing unit, in this case it is the musketeer, the Spanish conqueror would follow the same previous rule being an improved version of the musketeer but would also have more movement speed thanks to being mounted on a horse (same speed as a Hussar)

Argentina: Mounted Granadero.
In this specific case, the Mounted Granadero would be an anti-infantry unit similar to the guerrilla, but unlike the previous units, thanks to its area damage, it would have to have the same statistics as a normal guerrilla, let’s say that a guerrilla has 200 health and 20 base damage, the Mounted Granadero would have to have 200 health and 20 base damage, it would have the same speed as a Hussar because it is mounted on horseback and its area damage would be x2.50, as it is a unit that deals siege damage is one of the few units capable of attacking castles and walls.

No special units replace basic units, all special units are able to promote up to 100% health and damage, plus they can all be healed with war surgeons and medical camps.

It is possible to play with civilizations that do not have a revolution, in these cases the units of these civilizations have to be the units equivalent to Musketeer, Guerrilla, Hussar, artillery and ships would follow the same previous rule.

Regarding special units it would depend on whether we choose to be a “revolution” or stay loyal to the empire, for example, Japan could choose between revolutionizing and getting Yojimbos or staying loyal to the empire and getting Ronin Hatamoto Samurai o Shinobi-No-Mono. (can’t decide on one in particular :sweat_smile:)

Use of Artillery:
Imperial Cannon: strong against units
Howitzer: Strong against buildings
Culebrina: Strong against artillery

The map is basically a huge chessboard and each square is a district, in this example the central district would be the district where our general can build a fortress, because it is the most important area of the board.
On the game map the central district would have to be the largest district occupying the equivalent of four districts.


the structure of the map does not necessarily have to be grid, it can have different shapes depending on the city.
On the coastal city maps the only ships that can be built are the caravel and the monitor or their equivalents from other civilizations (Asians, Africans, indigenous, etc.)

It is always possible to add more units, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

The characteristics should be able to be modified from the menu for greater freedom of the player, for example, the maximum population of units, the limit of settlers, the limit of the artillery, etc.

I hope you like the idea :smile:


I love it, it’s very good idea

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My idea or the topic author’s?

Assuming you mean my idea.
Thanks, I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but I wanted to expand the idea a bit more, for example, initially I had not taken into account sea maps or civilizations that do not have their own revolution in the game, so I added more features to try to implement ships and civilizations like Japan, China, etc.

Although technically the rules about a civilization that does not have a revolution of its own is basically to assume that we are a revolution and have a different special unit. :sweat_smile:

Hopefully the Modders or Developers like my idea and end up implementing it as a game mode. :pray:

I would love a world conquest mode similar to battle for middle earth 2 the rise of the witch king


  1. We could choose a civilization or a revolution.
  2. The revolutions would have a customizable deck just like conventional civilizations.
  3. Victory can be by conquering most of the map, by conquering our opponent’s capital, or by conquering all territories.
  4. We could choose to conquer a continent or the whole world.
  5. Each map would enable us more initial resources and native ally cards.
  6. Capitals could be separate maps where we have to besiege a “City”
  7. To prevent them from conquering our territories so easily, we could set up defense posts.


Capital city:
Capital cities would have a fairly large initial amount of resources, attacking them without enough territories and resources would be suicide.

To give us a better idea of what a city would look like in the game, think about some of the historical maps.


Defense Posts:
Defense Posts are a defensive structure that have a fortress in the center to maximize their defensive capabilities.

To give us a clearer idea of what a defense post would look like, think of the map of Italy.


This could be a good excuse for them to add more maps to the base game and perhaps add new minor civilizations. :smile:

There are more features that can be added, for example, a turn limit, a treaty time, etc. But what characteristics would you guys add? :smile: